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Real Quest — Crazy Hangover

€70.00 Per game


Crazy Hangover

“Accidentally you got into the party of the stranger. You will have to deal with all his fantasies before you can leave this place.” — read more

In the height of the event during the fun, the owner of this party suddenly disappeared. You understand that you are locked at the apartment and you are not really sober.

Through the cloud of obfuscation you realize that the owner of the party is an extraordinary and creative person with a special way of thinking.

Opening hours

When can I play?

Real Quest operates in EEST which is currently 3 hours ahead UTC

Sunday 12 am - 7:30 pm EEST
Monday 12 am - 7:30 pm EEST
Tuesday 12 am - 7:30 pm EEST
Wednesday 12 am - 7:30 pm EEST
Thursday 12 am - 7:30 pm EEST
Friday 12 am - 7:30 pm EEST
Saturday 12 am - 7:30 pm EEST

Check the booking page for available time slots.

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