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Bank Heist

“You and your crew are about to attempt your biggest bank heist yet! Break through the hi-tech security system and escape with your share of $10 million! One of your team is inside the bank, you need to work with him and guide him through the game. This is a live streamed escape room experience of our real room based in Australia. Controlling our game master remotely with live video feed, panoramic views and online inventory.” — read more

Red Lock’s Bank Heist escape room game is streamed to you live from our Noosa store in Queensland Australia.
  • Suitable for all players, also fun for kids to join in. 
  • 2 players to 6 players.
  • Game Length: 60 minutes
  • Age guide: 10+
  • Difficulty Rating: 7/10
You get to take part in a daring bank heist, attempting to steal $10 million in gold bullion. You need to get through the hi-tech security system, finding clues and solving puzzles as you progress through the game.

Through our dedicated game website you will see a live video feed directly from the game-master- you will see what he sees, and can communicate with him live.
You can also explore panoramic views of the room and add items to your inventory as you play. This allows the team to work on other puzzles and you do not need to all wait for the game-master to perform your commands.

You will be playing our real Escape Room here in the Sunshine Coast in Australia and controlling our game master all from the comfort of your home.

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When can I play?

Red Lock Escape Rooms operates in AEST which is currently 10 hours ahead UTC

Check the booking page for available time slots.


Reviews for Bank Heist

Jun 2020
Great fun!

We played this game as a work team and managed to escape in the quickest time so far! We really enjoyed the variety of puzzles involved in the room, as well as the exciting surprises that we came across along the way. Our GM Dylan was very friendly and helpful, and the website that goes along with the game was great for getting a closer look at clues. It was especially exciting for us (UK based players) to now say we've played a game in Queensland!!

Jun 2020
Great Virtual Team Event

Obviously Covid-19 has meant we need to come together in different ways. Our Social Club created a fun Friday night for us all to enjoy whilst we worked from home. Drinks and nibbles were delivered to our doors and then we logged in for the Bank Heist. Fun, thought provoking, slightly frustrating and a bit challenging.

May 2020
Clever, challenging, exciting.

The puzzles in this room are clever, fun and extremely rewarding. Even though the game I was in was one of the first, I was still very impressed with the quality of video/audio and the immersive, professionalism I experienced. I recommend this to anyone who has some spare time and likes a challenge. Also don't forget, it is always more fun with friends!

May 2020
Alot of fun, the best online escape experience

We played this Escape Game and loved it, especially during lockdown and needing an Escape Room experience this has been the best Online escape room experience we have played so far. I felt the story and how you are not in the room worked really well and added to the game.

Dylan the gamesmaster did an excellent job and we made him work hard running around the room so we could solve it with a couple of minutes spare. Dissapointed he only grabbed a couple of bags of cash and left all the shiny gold in the room :)

Def can recommend this and loved how we also had a virtual 360 version of the room so we could check different areas of the room whilst also seeing what the gamesmaster sees.

May 2020
We robbed the bank!

Some really fun and good looking puzzles here in this bank heist game. We got out but only just. Now when do we receive our share of the stolen cash?

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Reviews for Bank Heist
May 2020
Red Lock Escape Room - "Bank Heist"
The 360 view and inventory list definitely helped with that as most of the time we're onto different things. Overall we really enjoyed this game. Who doesn't love escaping with 10 million dollars? Cha-Ching! — read the full review from ESCAPETHEROOMers