The first 10 days and beyond!

Written by Thomas Parslow| April 6, 2020 in News & Updates

It's been only 10 days since this site was launched but it feels like a lot longer, things are changing so fast and people are innovating and coming out with new games. Live Video Escape Rooms are proving themselves as a fun way to play and to socialize with friends during lockdown, and I really believe they'll continue to be relevant even when we start to be able to leave our houses again.

We've already had over two thousand visitors to the site and lots of clicks through to the game booking pages. The Facebook group for creators has over a 100 members now and it's fantastic to see the discussion and mutual support happening there. I'm starting to hear positive things about booking numbers and I expect those to only increase over the coming weeks.

We got some press in The National in Abu Dhabi and I hope we'll see more journalists discover this exciting new trend very soon.

I've also started conducting interviews with creators of Live Video Escape Rooms and I hope to start sharing those soon, watch this space!