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Written by Thomas Parslow| April 19, 2020 in News & Updates

As the idea of Live Video Escape Rooms continues to explode, more and more Escape Rooms are offering their games for playing from home. We're now listing 74 games all playable via live video and we're listing more all the time!

I've been wanting to have a way for players to leave feedback and help others find games to that they will like. But I've never been happy with review systems on other sites. I wanted a system that acknowledges that people like games for different reasons and avoids situations where one bad review can seriously damage a business.

We now have a button that says "I have played this game" on each game page. Click that and you can select a "like" or "dislike" then select which tags apply from a range (I'd love to hear your thoughts on the current selection). We won't be showing exact numbers for likes and dislikes to avoid herd effects and to lessen the disadvantage for new games, but we will show a more qualitative statement (such as "Feedback is very positive") and will show the most popular tags.

If you like the game we'll also ask you to optionally write a full recommendation. I decided to only ask for the full recommendation from people who like the game, the idea is to avoid the more toxic aspects of other review systems. Recommendations are also manually checked before publishing right now.

I'm very interested to hear thoughts on this system, please comment on Facebook or email me directly at

And please give feedback and recommendations on any games you've played, just find the game on this site and click "I have played this game"!