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Looking Glass Adventures — Mystery at Maryweather Mansion

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Mystery at Maryweather Mansion

“What is Jayne Maryweather hiding? Follow her travels to locate her most prized possession. Once you find it, there is something else you need to do with it...” — read more

Jayne Maryweather is a world renowned traveller, explorer and archaeologist. While on her travels, she has received word that someone is after her most prized possession. She has called you and your adventurous team to connect with a guide who will bring you into her stately mansion. Once inside you are lead on a mystery involving her past travel and discoveries of artifacts. Find what it is she is finding of great value and follow her directions to keep it out of the wrong hands. 

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Looking Glass Adventures operates in EDT which is currently 4 hours behind UTC

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Reviews for Mystery at Maryweather Mansion
Dec 2020
Remote Play Review: Looking Glass Adventures - Operation Flamingo Secret Agent | Toronto, Canada
A delightful adventure into a caricature interpretation of a normal Florida home. A entirely intuitive and logical puzzle flow keeps the game moving at a fast pace. The quirkiness of some of the interactions with the items found outside the home will absolutely delight both rookie and veteran Agents alike. Looking Glass Adventures has created a game that nicely contrasts their other two offerings and may be the perfect tropical escape during the cold winter months. — read the full review from Escape Authority
Jun 2020
Review: Looking Glass Adventures - Mystery at Maryweather Manor
Mystery at Maryweather Manor may look like just another escape room from the outside. However, as the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover”. There are many surprises. — read the full review from Escape Authority
May 2020
Looking Glass Adventures - "Mystery at Maryweather Mansion"
The puzzles weren't extremely difficult but they were fun and often came with surprising elements. We were satisfied with the amount of puzzles that were introduced in this room. For people who haven't tried a remote escape game yet, this is a great one to start with. You'll definitely feel hooked afterwards! — read the full review from ESCAPETHEROOMers