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The Locked Room — Starship Titan-1C

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Starship Titan-1C

“In the 22nd century, star travel is pretty mundane. The crew sets a course, turns on the autopilot, and settles in for a 30 year sleep. Sure, there’s always a fixer on board, someone the computer will wake if it senses anything has gone wrong, but it’s been decades since a fixer has been needed. And so as you leave the Earth’s orbit, it doesn’t bother you that you have absolutely no idea how a starship functions…” — read more

This is a 75 minute hosted game experience held over Zoom. The game is primarily audio driven with some graphic supplements. Having a webcam-enabled device as well as pen & paper for taking notes is highly recommended. This is a family friendly game and is more challenging than our Billy Bonker's game.

Opening hours

When can I play?

The Locked Room operates in MDT which is currently 6 hours behind UTC

Sunday 12 pm - 7 pm MDT
Monday Closed
Tuesday 4 pm - 9 pm MDT
Wednesday 4 pm - 9 pm MDT
Thursday 4 pm - 9 pm MDT
Friday 12 pm - 9 pm MDT
Saturday 12 pm - 9 pm MDT

Check the booking page for available time slots.

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