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The Hack

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Ultimate Quest

The Last Pyramid : The Sands of Time

Live Experiences

60 minutes of high intensity games and puzzle solving followed by your attempt to crack into the Pyramid's Vaults, but escape will not be easy.

£15.00 Per player

No Longer Available
Room Escape Southend

Once Upon A Time

Magic is disappearing in the world of Fairytales. Play with friends over video link and help The Magic Mirror save the day!

£30.00 Per game

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66 Minuten Theater Adventures

Showdown- Elviras big Coup

Live Avatar

Storytelling, atmosphere and teamwork are in the center of attention. A fun and exciting online experience completed on a high technical level with lots of weird humor and live acting.

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Fox in a Box London

Virtual Bunker Experience

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You wake up to disaster all around you, but there is no time to wallow and feel sorry for yourself.

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