Non-Live Online

These games are not played with a live Games Master/Host but are still played online. Because they're not live you can usually play at your own pace and at a time of your choosing. You can still choose to connect with your friends via Zoom to play them together.

The Escape Artist

Count Dracula (Virtual Experience)

Non-Live Online

A village plague by the bloodthirsty Count Dracula. Your team decided that enough is enough and you want to stop all these once and for all. Sneaking into his castle …

$25.00 Per game online

House of Escobar

Non-Live Online

Nothing for the weak ones! As a DEA agent, you only have one chance to catch Escobar. Go for him!

€25.00 Per game online


Non-Live Online

The secrets of the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun begin to expose in front of your face. In the online game under the brand you can expect a realistically created …

€25.00 Per game

HintHunt SA

Cold Case

Non-Live Online

A classic whodunnit mystery, plucked from ancient history

349.00 ZAR Per game


The Sword of Drakul

Non-Live Online

E-scape Rooms will have something that you like about escape rooms no matter what kind of player you are . If you fancy a family friendly game , a horror …

£5.99£14.99 Per game

Room Escape Ecuador

Zombie Apocalypse

Non-Live Online

Deactivate the Toxic Gas. Deactivate the Bomb. Find the Genetic Code. Escape and Survive

$22.00 Per game

Eleven Puzzles

Unboxing the mind of a Cryptic Killer

Non-Live Online

A highly cooperative online escape room. Experience the thrill of being locked up, and solving puzzles with friends.

$16.00$20.00 Per game

Paradox Games

Cyber Crime Unit

Non-Live Online

Use the internet to solve puzzles in this team-based online mystery game. Search Google Maps, call a friend, send emails - anything goes in the Cyber Crime Unit!

C$19.99 Per game

Hourglass Escapes

Rise Of the Mad Pharaoh! (co-operative)

Non-Live Online

Rise of the Mad Pharaoh – you find clues and solve puzzles in this amazing multi-player online escape room designed for co-operative play. Based on the award winning game in …

$14.99 Per game

Castle Escapes


Non-Live Online

A fast and fun game show that will take you on a trip through the wackiest streaming service on this side of the internet!

$30.00 Per player

Castres Escape Game

The stolen manuscript

Non-Live Online

Telescape inventory, videos, pictures and photos. A game adapted also for colorblind people and translated in 2 languages.

€13.00 Per game

The Escape Network

Armageddon Online Game

Non-Live Online

Use your wits and skills to stop Armageddon - this is a matter of National Security. Everything you need is within this thought to be abandoned Nuclear Bunker.

£20.00 Per game