Non-Live Online

These games are not played with a live Games Master/Host but are still played online. Because they're not live you can usually play at your own pace and at a time of your choosing. You can still choose to connect with your friends via Zoom to play them together. online


Non-Live Online

Discover your superpowers and defeat evil mutants! NOW AVAILABLE ALSO IN GERMAN!

€16.00 Per game

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The Dentist Online

Non-Live Online

A digital version of our popular on site game The Dentist

£20.00 Per game online

DEA - Mission Colombia

Non-Live Online

Are you ready for one of the largest police actions in the history of Colombia? We are hunting another four members of Pablo Escobar´s cartel. Be aware, this is gonna …

€19.00 Per game online

Ministry of Magic - Part 1

Non-Live Online

Enjoy this amazing adventure created in a world of magic.

€25.00 Per game

MindMaze Prague

The Hack

Non-Live Online

The Hack is a fully web-based digital online investigative game. Gather your detective team and solve the cyber crime of the century. You have to stop the hackers!

€22.00€37.00 Per game

Clue Chase

Scarab's Curse

Non-Live Online

Film Star Veronica St. Clair has been found murdered on the set of her latest blockbuster - the killer is still somewhere on set. Can you track them down in …

$15.00 Per game

Escape Adventures

Prof. Smith's Secret Tomb

Non-Live Online

Discover Prof. Smith's secret tomb. Find hidden items, solve riddles and open locked passages. Can you ban the curse? A thrilling online escape room team game.

$19.99 Per game

Escape Plan Virtual Escapes

Cold Case: Hunting a Killer

Non-Live Online

Forced into working out of a storage unit, Detective Valle has reached out for for your help. Not much is known, but if he is asking for your assistance, he …

$50.00 Per game

Play Helps

The Detectives that saved Christmas - Sara Lee Trust

Non-Live Online

Your chance to save Christmas and support a great cause. A deduction game ideal for all hobby detectives. Perfect for family teams.

£10.00 Per game

Escapade NZ

Escape@Home Forest Adventure

Non-Live Online

Download and play our new escape game at home! Using an app, a survival guide and common household items, you will race to solve a tricky set of clues and …

29.00 NZD49.00 NZD Per game

A.I. Online

Chance of Live!

Non-Live Online

You have a chance to investigate a mystery from the past: 2020, an opening of the time capsule solemnly buried in 2000 turns into a worldwide mystery when strange files …

€24.95 Per game

No Longer Available
Mystery Mansion


Save your police captain before it's too late in this real life Escape Room. Play via our inventory system for gameplay.

C$15.00 Per game

No Longer Available
Online Escape Rooms Ireland

Secret Agent Elf - Play Anytime

A Christmas mission!

€9.99 Per game