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Play real life Escape Rooms live and online with your friends. You will join a Avatar/Games Master via a live video link in an actual Escape Room. They are your eyes and ears, guide them solve the puzzles and unravel the mysteries. This is as close as you can get to a real Escape Room room without leaving your house.

Improbable Escapes

Seven Dwarfs: Mining Mission

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Improbable Escapes are calling upon you to save the day! Will you answer? Prepare to hoist your pickaxe and dig deeper than ever before to defeat the evil queen!

C$8.58C$49.99 Per player

Crack The Code Escape Room

Crazy Cat Lady

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Mabel starts everyday with a headcount before the morning feedings. Today she realized she's a tail short, someone is missing! Help Mabel locate her missing fur baby before she truly …

$25.00 Per player

Lost Escape

The end?

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Your team was invited to an old abandoned cabin to break the evil curse. Will your team be able to do it? Or will you meet your end here too?

€52.00€78.00 Per game

Adventure Rooms Wales

The Mad Scientist

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Enter the lab of The Mad Scientist and help him recover his secret memory formula, before it's too late and we all forget.... playable by live video.

£45.00£55.00 Per game

The Ultimate Escape Rooms

The Attic

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During quarantine your cousin got locked in the creepy attic of an old family home. Now you have to help them find a way out over a Zoom call!

$20.00 Per player

KW Escape


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Help! I went snooping and now I'm trapped in a room with multiple exits! All of them are locked! We only have 60 minutes until my interview! Please hurry!

C$100.00C$240.00 Per game

Conundrum Escape Rooms

Dead Man's Secret

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Find clues to an enigmatic billionaires mysterious fortune, before someone else gets there first. A 90 minute, livestream performance!

$75.00 Per game

Trap Factory

House of Mystery - Taikurin Talo

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For families, a group of friends or colleagues. Enjoy a thrilling hour from the safety of your own homes and solve the Magician's mysteries before the time runs out.

€70.00€130.00 Per game

Lockbox Escape


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Change the past to save the future via live video in this real life escape room

$19.99$24.99 Per connection

Conundrum Escape Rooms

The Hollywood Mystery

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Super Sleuths Wanted! The place is Hollywood. The year, 1948.

$75.00 Per game

Island Quest Escape Rooms

Project Atlantis - Online Live

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Can you help the Professor's assistant to comb the study for clues and uncover the Professor's fate?

€50.00€70.00 Per game

Escape 60 Peoria Live Escape Room Adventures

​Shagadelic Super Spy

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You will have a heart-pumping experience right from your couch, guiding your live Game Master to explore, solve puzzles and disarm a missile before they blow up! Book with us …

$60.00 Per game