Real Life Escape Room

Play real life Escape Rooms live and online with your friends. You will join a Games Master via a live video link in an actual Escape Room. They are your eyes and ears, guide them solve the puzzles and unravel the mysteries. This is as close as you can get to a real Escape Room room without leaving your house.

KW Escape

Purple is the New Black

Real Life Escape Room

Help KW Correctional Facility's wrongfully convicted inmate escape before the warden returns from his lunch.

C$90.00 Per game

BH Escape

The World Cup Theft

Real Life Escape Room

Journey back to 1983 and discover one of the greatest brazilian mysteries, the theft of the Jules Rimet trophy!

190.00 BRL Per game

Game Over Lisboa


Real Life Escape Room

Your team found refuge in a prison, now they have to make it a safe place to live. You have 75 minutes to do it or will be GAME OVER!

€11.00€20.00 Per player

Hourglass Escapes

Tales of the Ghostly Galleon

Real Life Escape Room

Narrated by Cecil Baldwin of Welcome to Night Vale: Board the legendary ghost pirate ship of the Banshee Buccaneer! You have just 60 minutes to break the Buccaneer's curse before …

$25.00 Per player

Brain in a Cage

Stranger Story

Real Life Escape Room

Recently several strange fact happened in town, farmers have seen their whole harvest gone rot overnight and strange creatures has been heard howling from the woods. You have to find …

€60.00 Per game

Mystery Rooms Escape


Real Life Escape Room

You find yourself in a strange start to see unfamiliar objects around you, the walls are full of images that seem to whisper to you to find their secrets!

€48.00€60.00 Per game

Fuzzy Logic Escape Room

Saving Sherlock

Real Life Escape Room

Sherlock has been framed! Police have taken him into custody, and Watson is relying on you to track the evidence and collect the info needed to save the great Sherlock!

$10.00$35.00 Per connection

Live Escape Salisbury

POD Online

Real Life Escape Room

Alien crashed on Earth. Alien calling home (ring ring). Alien planet BAD!! Earth portal opening (womp womp womp). Uh Ohh.... Stop bad Aliens. Time ticking. Hurry.

£40.00 Per game

District 3 Escape Rooms


Real Life Escape Room

Guide your friend out of an eerie situation at the haunted manor in this real life Escape Room Play via live video.

C$20.00C$27.00 Per player

Escape One Algarve

Final Call

Real Life Escape Room

Prove you are worthy and solve the challenges ahead of you to flee from the invading zombie herds!

€60.00 Per game

Amarillo Escape and Mystery

Test Subject

Real Life Escape Room

Can you escape the lab before the scientists studying you make you the next Test Subject?

$25.00 Per player

Trapt Bar & Escape Rooms

Alchemy at Home

Real Life Escape Room

Bring together your friends and family for this spellbinding online experience! Work together to solve curious puzzles and mystical mysteries - be prepared for a challenge and a whole lot …

80.00 AUD120.00 AUD Per connection