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66 Minuten Theater Adventures — Showdown- Elviras big Coup

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Showdown- Elviras big Coup

“While the ASF heatedly debates the most important items on the agenda in a video meeting, unforeseen incidents occur. All of a sudden, Elvira's kitchen puts all other important issues in the background. Actually, only the ransom that Elvira swindled on the ASF should be recaptured there. However, there are indications in the kitchen that point to something odd going on...” — read more

Storytelling, atmosphere and teamwork are in the center of attention. A fun and exciting online experience completed on a high technical level with lots of weird humor and live acting.

What is a Remote Play Live Adventure?

The mission can be played live from home using a PC or tablet. You and your team don't have to be in one place to do this. We provide you with trained Anti Schlabbeck Force agents who will get your hands dirty for you on site. Together you will experience the exciting and funny live adventure via a video conference system (with up to 8 connections).

Opening hours

When can I play?

66 Minuten Theater Adventures operates in CEST which is currently 2 hours ahead UTC

Sunday 10 am - 10 pm CEST
Monday 10 am - 10 pm CEST
Tuesday 10 am - 10 pm CEST
Wednesday 10 am - 10 pm CEST
Thursday 10 am - 10 pm CEST
Friday 10 am - 10 pm CEST
Saturday 10 am - 10 pm CEST

Check the booking page for available time slots.


Reviews for Showdown- Elviras big Coup

Apr 2021
Corona war kurz vergessen. FANTASTISCHES ABENTEUER am eigenen Schreibtisch

Wir haben zu fünft Showdown gespielt und waren allesamt begeistert. Wir waren sowohl erfahrene EscapeRoom-Spieler als auch Neulinge und konnten alle kaum glauben wie liebevoll das ganze Szenario ausgestaltet war. Die Einleitung, das Rätsel und die ganze Unterstützung während der Mission waren total überzeugend im ASF-Kontext umgesetzt.
Danke für die tolle Option während des Lockdowns. Kann mir kaum vorstellen wie viel Arbeit und technisches Geschick hinter diesem Abenteuer stecken, da man während des Spiels nichts von all dem mitbekommt und sich komplett auf den ausführenden Agenten konzentrieren kann.
Fantastische Arbeit 💛🖤💛

Mar 2021
Fun, fabulous game, which you really need to play.

Absolutely brilliant, and a real must play. You really must play this!

66minuten have seamlessly blended immersive theatre and roleplay into the escape room setting and added a few of their own unique flourishes, and some very German humour, to bring you a wild and wacky adventure. You're adventure is with an ASF agent who really, really needs all the help they can get, and you're inducted into the taskforce to help.

I loved that the game throws you straight into the action, and then just when you think you know where you're heading you're thrown a quirky curveball and you're left grinning and laughing. The attention to detail enhances gameplay too, as each item is added to the inventory then listen, you'll be rewarded with some audio gems!

Theres a great mix of puzzles with the realy unique humour of 66minutes running right through them, we didn't experience and logic leaps and everything was signposted well and fitted the plot well.

Our whole team had a ball playing Showdown, its one of those games where I found myself clapping with delight at more than one point in the game and giving a round of applause to the entire cast at the end. In over 400 virtual rooms that I've played this one has gone straight into my top 3.

Mar 2021
Great fun game with a difference!

We just did 66 Minuten - Theater Adventures game it was good, very odd, European humor! Think - project avatar meets pursuit of the assassin artist meets miss Jezebel! If you want a game that's entertaining not just a bunch of puzzles, then this would be a great pick for a room to choose, very enjoyable!

Mar 2021
SO much fun!

Just played this Online Escape Game, which turned out to be a real fun experience!
It's different, it's hillarious, it's unique!
I highly recommend giving it a go! :)

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Reviews for Showdown- Elviras big Coup
Apr 2021
66 Minuten: Showdown (Play at Home)
Every now and then a game appears out of nowhere and destroys all of the benchmarks for what I consider to be a truly exceptional online game. Showdown from 66 Minuten was one such game. If people continue to develop experiences like this, I think remote play escape rooms are here to stay. — read the full review from Review The Room