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Escape Adventures — Lost Cabin 2

€99.00 Per game


Lost Cabin 2

“Enter the lost cabin. Summon a demon. Run for your life.” — read more

13 teenagers have disappeared in these woods. Enter the lost cabin and find out what happened. Can you find evidence? Summon a demon? Scared of creepy stuff and body parts?
Our slave will be in the room for you and do what you tell him. Treat him well. Don't kill him. Solve the riddles. Let him get out alive.

Opening hours

When can I play?

Escape Adventures operates in CEST which is currently 2 hours ahead UTC

Sunday 10 am - CEST
Monday 5:30 pm - CEST
Tuesday 5:30 pm - CEST
Wednesday 5:30 pm - CEST
Thursday 5:30 pm - CEST
Friday 5:30 pm - CEST
Saturday 10 am - CEST

Check the booking page for available time slots.

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