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Harz Escape — The Don Vito Investigation

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The Don Vito Investigation

“New York, 1932. Organized crime is at its peak. You are agents and have been assigned to the case of Vito Genovese. While working on the case, the phone rings. A soft voice whispers: „They know about the photos. They are coming!“. You know that your boss, Joe Petrosino, possesses incriminating material against Don Vito which he keeps well hidden in his office. Can you find and secure the documents before the mafia arrives?” — read more

Play Harz Escape's real life Escape Room by video link without leaving your home. Gather your team and connect from up to four different locations to play together while staying apart. Guide the game master (who is completely in character the whole time) to explore the room and solve the puzzles to win the game!

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Harz Escape operates in CEST which is currently 2 hours ahead UTC

Sunday 10 am - 11 pm CEST
Monday 10 am - 11 pm CEST
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 10 am - 11 pm CEST
Thursday 10 am - 11 pm CEST
Friday 10 am - 11 pm CEST
Saturday 10 am - 11 pm CEST

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Reviews for The Don Vito Investigation

Nov 2020
This was so fun

We would recommend this game. Fun, challenging but not too hard. Host was great. Nice storyline.

Apr 2020
The best in character GM we've seen

This is a great room, it looks very nice and the puzzles are really fun. What really makes it stand out though is how well the Games Master stays in character. Julia (the GM, and creator of the game) is a great actor and you'll really believe she's the secretary in her bosses office and in need of your help.

Jul 2020
Nice room!

This room has been on my agenda for months and I finally played it yesterday. I liked several things: first of all the riddles that perfectly fit in an online version; then the game master in theme with the story and finally because there is no need to use an inventory and so players can always concentrate on the video and the experience. Nice job julia!

Jul 2020
Nice solid room

Nice room. Probably not in my top 5 but the host was great, the set looked nice, the theme fit and had some fun puzzles. Would recommend if it is not too expensive.

Jul 2020
Fun for sure!

Fun for sure!

Jun 2020
Fun game

My team liked this, a few nice physical puzzles that translated well onto video, and a nice set overall

Apr 2020
Great game

I really like nice simple rooms, when they're built well with good puzzles, and this was one of them. No fancy tech or special effects, just a really good game, nicely decorated and well presented.

Jun 2020
Super fun!

Lea was our host here and she did a brilliant job. Launched straight into the story. Her English was amazing too and she understood every word we said which is a brilliant talent in a second language! Impressed!
Great room with a cool story and a sense of urgency. Lots to do and all of it very varied. Loads of fun!

May 2020
Totally worth it!

It was our first experience on online live escape game and we were really impressed with the puzzles, the in theme game master, and the no dizziness factor. Give it a try!

May 2020
First gen but still fun

The room is a little bit to simple in terms of puzzles used and lacks some modern touch. But the host is engaged and storyline makes sense, so you don't really care. Works well in online version. First room I tried, had fun.

May 2020
Awesome mind trip

This is a great way for me and friends to get together and play safe. Helps keep the bond together. Thanks for being here you guys rock!!!

May 2020
Lovely host and a great fun game

This was my first experience of playing a live game. The puzzles were a great mix of simply finding something, to having to piece things together to get the answer.
I run my own escape room and can say the game was really well thought out, a nice level of difficulty and most importantly good fun, highly recommend this.
Thanks Julia

May 2020
Great remote live video game

This was a lot of fun - a really solid game that felt like we were in the room too. The host played the character well and everything flowed nicely. Recommended

May 2020
Great Game Master!

This game was super fun! The game master was very in character the whole time! Even when we asked for help she still stayed in character. We own another escape room and we asked questions that took the game out of context but she still kept character and stayed with the story line. The puzzles were great and we're so happy we got a chance to play this game that we wouldn't have been able to otherwise! Cheers from Canada! Great game.

May 2020
Great game

I has afraid with the idea of online escape room until I did this room.
It was immersive, the GM was great and made as feel real part of the game. I wanted to yell at her to look here, and there, faster!, as I do with my colleges during a real game... my fault, yes, because I get excited :D
totally recommend.

Apr 2020
Enjoyed this more than I thought I would

Pros: Wonderful Gamemaster who keeps it all in character and does a great job following your instructions, fun room with logical puzzles, affordable.

Cons: It's certainly low tech, though maybe tech is not that impressive anyway in a virtual room. The room is pretty straightforward and not too difficult for enthusiasts. There are fewer puzzles than in a regular room since you are all only controlling 1 person.

Overall I was nervous about this whole virtual escape thing, but I had fun! It's not as good as a regular escape room, but the price is right on this one. All 3 of us who played had escape room experience (I've played over 150 games myself) and we all liked it. I would not recommend playing with more than 3 people as it would probably get pretty chaotic.

Apr 2020
I was hooked on this game in the first minute!

Julia is in character from the moment the screen lights up and she's a great partner for solving the room. Exceptionally elegant steps, everything about the experience is subtle with just the right amount of 'ah ha' moments and a few how the hell do I figure this out!?

The best overall experience I've had with live-stream escape games. All the content is family friendly and the range of steps has something for all levels of experience. Would be a great first live-stream game.

Bravo to The Don Vito Investigation and the Harz team!

Apr 2020
Super fun and emmersive!

My team and I are owners and employees of an ER in FL, USA. This is the first live video ER I have played and we had such a great experience! From the very beginning Julia pulls you right in to the story maintaining her character throughout. After playing, I was a believer that this medium is a viable option for ERs and even has the potential to continue long after the current crisis. Well done, Julia! You were a terrific host!

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