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Play Helps — The Detectives that saved Christmas - Sara Lee Trust

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The Detectives that saved Christmas - Sara Lee Trust

“Can you gather the team of detectives that save Christmas!? Help the elves find their star, Pull yoursELVES together and walk a mile in their pointy shoes!” — read more

The Detectives That Saved Christmas!

Not many people know but, to enable Santa to keep his naughty list up to date Santa's elves spend some of their holiday time, when they are not at the North Pole making toys, amongst the people of the world!

Some of them have become quite famous, Elf-is Presley, Elf A Fitzgerald, Mariah Fairy just to name a few.

Each group of elves brings a radio beacon with them and a few days before Christmas they send a message to the north pole and the reindeers come and pick them up. Booksh Elf and his quiet sister Sh Elf who run the library at the north pole, Yours Elf who usually goes home to Norway for his holidays, Ruude Elf who looks after the welfare of the reindeer and whose nose gives away his love of beer, Hiss Elf from Elfghanistan had all planned to go to Telford this year but, changed their mind and went to Great Snoring instead as they had heard that some residents, had been very naughty and had founded an anti Christmas club.

The elves radio beacon is in the shape of a star and when the time has come, they climb the tallest Christmas tree they can find, place the star at the top, and await the reindeer. The elves stored the star in the community center but when, after the twelfth week in Great Snoring they went to pick it up it was gone. Only a dozen people have a key to the community center and as there were no signs of a break-in it must have been taken by one of them.

After comparing the naughty list with the list of key holders the elves have made a list of the 6 suspects.

Can you help the elves find their star? Pull yourselves together and walk a mile in their pointy shoes!

Check the alibis of the six suspects and help identify the malicious malefactor in time to get the elves back to the north pole.

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