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INSiDE Escape Room — The Restaurant

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The Restaurant

“Have You tried the best Restaurant in Ireland? Live Cam Avatar Online Escape Room First Person View” — read more

"The Restaurant" - Trap interview
Imagine one day when You all meet up, you've decide that you'll want to work together. All of you agreed to work in restaurant, in the best Restaurant in Ireland. You have pass the 1st stage and you have been called for an interview, all at  the same time, isn't that suspicious? Whenever  you walked in, all you heard was the door being shut. Looking around,  you noticed there's no one there and there's no sign of an interview. In that moment you realise you are locked in the trap. You have 60 min to open the door or they will never open again.

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Sunday 1 pm - 10 pm IST
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Reviews for The Restaurant

Feb 2021
Amazing Host and Puzzles

We played The Restaurant as the first official booking (which our host Marta told us after the game) and had so much fun. We wouldn't even notice that Marta was running it only for a couple times as a test before as she was so engaging, funny and one of the best hosts we had so far. We played as a team of two (experience - about 50 remote rooms). The puzzles were fantastic, clever and well though out to the theme and on top thsi game comes at a very fair price point. Thanks Marta for this amazing evening. We do recommend paying thsi room.

Feb 2021
Awesome puzzles and a lovely host

We played this room as a team of 2 and had so much fun. The room is full of great puzzles that are very diversified so there is something for everyone. Our host Marta made us laugh a lot of times and helped us to escape with only 5 minutes left. The room is definitely recommended to everyone that loves good puzzles and an amazing host.