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MysteriumEscape — The Earl's Will

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The Earl's Will

“South of England. Benolt Manor, Earl Ferdinand's residence, conceals a secret: the Earl's will is very well hidden. Passionate about wines and old books, the Earl died in mysterious circumstances, leaving behind his title and all of his wealth, properties and land to a single heir -or at least this is what the elderly residents are saying. A lot of greedy close relatives are after the inheritance, and if the will is not found all those assets will be divided between people who do not deserve it. Are you the heir that the Earl's solicitor has been trying to find for years? Will you be able to find the hidden will? The Earl's solicitor holds a letter from Earl Ferdinand which is full of clues that will help you in your search for the precious document -but the real help will come from his honest and trusted butler. Tally-ho! Enter the adventure of the Earl's Will!” — read more

The first live video escape room from MysteriumEscape -come join us in the quest for the mysterious Earl's will!

You will only need a PC (or a tablet, or a smartphone), an internet connection, Zoom... and an appetite for puzzle adventures!

You'll be playing our room in first person POV thanks to the Earl's butler, Leonard, who agreed to help you in your quest.

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When can I play?

MysteriumEscape operates in CEST which is currently 2 hours ahead UTC

Sunday 3:30 pm - 12:30 am CEST
Monday 6:30 pm - 12:30 am CEST
Tuesday 6:30 pm - 12:30 am CEST
Wednesday 6:30 pm - 12:30 am CEST
Thursday 6:30 pm - 12:30 am CEST
Friday 6:30 pm - 12:30 am CEST
Saturday 3:30 pm - 12:30 am CEST

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Reviews for The Earl's Will

Apr 2021
Bellissima esperienza!

Super raccomandato per trascorrere una serata divertente!!!

Dec 2020
Good feedback

I played with my friends and we enjoyed the experience. We liked the history and the full involvement created. We reccomend this online escape rom and we are waiting for the new one.

Nov 2020
So much fun and epic puzzles!

We had soooo much fun. Really clever puzzles and a great host. Definitely recommend!

Jul 2020
A very amusing Butler!

We had a lot of fun with the butler. Very good clues too, we liked the 'wine' environment... suggested for family too. We loved to spend 60 minutes in playing to search the Will. Hey, Butler, thanks again!!!

Jul 2020
It's really worthy for puzzles and the butler!

We were a group of four people... clever puzzles, a bit of Italy and an incredible butler.
We loved his voice and his way to accomplish things for us... wow, it was as we had a real butler for a while.


Jun 2020
Great experience

I highly recommend this room. Even if it is different from a "physical" room, it is a lot of fun. The butler will be your guide through the search, and will be your eyes and your hands. It is absolutely perfect in every moment and its english humor, never intrusive, will make you the whole adventure more enjoyable.The room is perfectly balanced and suitable for being played virtually. The puzzles are beautiful, challenging, but never frustrating. You can consider this experience not as a substitute for a physical room but as a new and different type of adventure. Absolutely to try.

Jun 2020
A lot fun

A lot fun

Jun 2020

Mai avremmo pensato che la trasformazione di questo gioco, già vissuto in presenza con grande soddisfazione, in esperienza virtuale potesse essere così divertente e coinvolgente, assolutamente da fare!

Jun 2020
Finally I had a butler!

We had great fun playing this room. An ironic and cool butler will bring you into the quest of the Will.
We loved the puzzle, the story and overall the butler that helped us to get more involved in the mood of the game.
Really a Must Do!

Jun 2020
Good fun, with a great host

We played in a family of 4. It was our first online escape and the concern was that it would feel very "cold" and "detached", however we were pleasantly surprised. Even if you cannot experience the thrill of being physically immersed in the set and locked up in a room, we managed to feel inside the game thanks to the host (the butler). He was always in character. I particularly enjoyed his voice: deep, clear and warming.
The internet connection with Zoom worked perfectly.
Even though I prefer actual physical escape rooms, it was a great change and would recommend to anyone in lock-down, who has difficulty reaching escape venues or simply wants a bit of fun from the comfort of their own home.

Jun 2020
Dear Leonard...what else?

An immersive and stimulated experience to repeat. A real first step in a new game dimension. The butler's role as "medium" makes the adventure intense, witty and never banal.
All escape rooms ask to solve puzzles, few make you laugh and end up with the desire to immediately make another one. Seriously recommended, English humor and Italian creativity ... what else?

Jun 2020
Highly recommended!

I have played many virtual escape rooms but this one is honestly my favorite! The host was very funny and I had a great time playing it. I highly recommend it, it's a fun way to pass time and I found the puzzles tricky and original, as the plot too!

Jun 2020
I am the heir of a count and I must find his testament

New and original experience, which manages to involve and entertain at the same time, special thanks to the patience of the butler 😄. Super recommended!!

Jun 2020
You are the heir of a english lord and you have to find the will.

I played this escape room with my son and we had a great time! The last puzzle was a bit too difficult for us but we finished in 1 hour and a few seconds. It was my 6th escape room and my 1st online. They (the butler and the solicitor) were very nice people. Innovative puzzles and cool place. Suggested.

Jun 2020
By far, the best room I've ever played.

What a room!
By far, the best room I've ever played.
Very efficient service, great game flow,
very challenging puzzles and very funny butler...

Jun 2020
Funny and Wonderful EXP!

I played many escape rooms and, in lockdown period, i tried this one. Me and my friends had a great time! The host is very kind and fun; a perfect italian "Cicerone". Suggest everyone to try!

Jun 2020
we had really good time playing at this game. Very exciting

we recommend to play with a maximum of 6-7 people. Try to solve the puzzle without any help. We played from home using zoom and was very exciting and the host was great and funny.

Jun 2020
Simply fantastic

Immersive atmosphere with the help of technology.
Great host. Never frustating game.

Jun 2020
Lovely Butler! When really needed heped us to find the Will.

We were three friends, with different skill. Each of us enjoied the room.

Jun 2020
An elegant way of playing

I loved the game ad the butler.
I loved the wine as a storyline. The puzzle are intelligent and intriguing.

Jun 2020
Super funny and fantastic host

Great Host and intriguing atmosphere. Puzzles are clever. Not too easy. Not frustratingly hard. This is an innovative, exciting and funny game experience. A must have definitely!

Jun 2020
Beautiful puzzles, involving story and a great butler!!!

I've played a dozen online Escapes and I did love this one from the very beginning (the trailer).
Luckily the high expectations has been rewarded. The butler, very kind professional and ironic, guided us in the quest to find the Earl's Will. A must play.

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Reviews for The Earl's Will
May 2020
Mysterium Escape - "The Earl's Will"
We enjoyed the various puzzles as they certainly reminded us of Italy. During a time like this where traveling is restricted, this remote escape room definitely helped us fulfilled a virtual "vacation". [...]It was great to have [the earl's] entrusted butler Leonard on our side[..] — read the full review from ESCAPETHEROOMers