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Logic Locks — Secrets of Eliza's Heart

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Secrets of Eliza's Heart

“The Secrets of Eliza's Heart is a puzzle focused Escape Game with strong emphasis on story and atmosphere. The game can be a bit scary at times but never drifts into the realms of Horror.” — read more

Elizabeth was a unique women of her time, as she traveled all around the globe by herself. She disappeared in 1922 under mysterious circumstances. Nobody knows where she went...

This Escape Room is especially recommended for those who enjoy classic adventure stories or supernatural mysteries.

How does it work?

1. Gather your Team. You need a team between 2 and 7 Players. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection.

2. Connect Online. The game itself lasts up to 80 minutes but please reserve up to 120 minutes for the entire experience.

3. Connect Online. Once booked, you will receive an email with all the instructions. Make sure you are all online at the time of your appointment.

4. Help the Investigator. The Games Master / investigator needs your help. They are brave enough to enter the study chamber by themselves but will need your guidance to navigate through this adventure safely.

Opening hours

When can I play?

Logic Locks operates in CEST which is currently 2 hours ahead UTC

Check the booking page for available time slots.


Reviews for Secrets of Eliza's Heart

Mar 2021
Great team event

Great team event! Really had a lot of fun with Patchelly/Fimblewood; really enjoyed the puzzle and doing it virtually was also great.

Mar 2021
Host made the online experience well worth it.

Svea did an excellent job as host. Way more fun than expected of an online experience.

Mar 2021
Great fun

Really good experience - thanks to Rachel for making this a good experience.
We all loved it

Mar 2021
Amazing and fun!

Definitely a MUST for every escape room fan. R. Fimblewood (the Host/Avatar) was amazing and fun.
We had an adrenaline rush.
100% recommendation from us.
Thank you 😊

Nov 2020
great online escape experience, well guided

Beautiful and fun escape room, well guided experience. The online connection adds an extra dimension!

Sets the scene well and connects the players digitally effortlessly.

Great experience, really enjoyed it - from our seperate livingrooms!

Oct 2020
Great room for people looking for a classic adventure story

Great acting by the host, tricky puzzles and a compelling story with a really nice twist. We really enjoyed this game!

Jun 2020
So much fun!

The room was really cool and the host was incredible. We played virtually but it was very similar to a live experience. Other virtual escape rooms are more like slide shows, but we had an "inside man" in the room, and he was literally in the room. The whole experience was interesting, exciting, and immersive!

May 2020

Highly recommend this one. Game master/live actor is amazing and we had a fun time. We laughed a lot and it was just an overall great experience.

May 2020
Cool room!

My wife and I enjoyed this game. Some of the later puzzles were a bit harder. The gamemaster was very energetic and in character the entire time.

May 2020
Great Game Design & Fantastic Host

Really fun, engaging puzzles that translate surprisingly well to an online experience. A variety of different challenges and a game that develops as it goes on. Would fully recommend for a lockdown afternoon.

May 2020
Exciting and an Immersive Experience

This escape room was great fun all round. The operator was fun and engaging and kept us hooked the entire time. The puzzles were at a good level with some being a little trickier then others. The room was really well designed with an interesting use of lighting and sound. Would recommend to any person fond of mystery-solving!

Apr 2020
Fun way to spend a lockdown evening

I did this room with 3 other friends online. It was a lot of fun and a great way to connect with friends I have not been able to see during the coronavirus lockdown. Doing it online allows you all to work together and it actually worked really well despite some reservations I had beforehand. I think if you are open to it and enthusiastic this is definitely worth doing!

Apr 2020
A super fun experience!

Participating in this experience has been the best way to laugh with my friends during these crazy days. I would absolutely recommend it to everyone!

Apr 2020
Amazing escape room during the pandemic

It was really funny and suspenseful. Tricky puzzles and an interesting story to discover with tense music and light effects. Very very recommended, online and live definitely.

Apr 2020
Fun and interesting experience!

I recommend this escape room because it was an unique experience. Me and my friends had a lot of fun solving the clever puzzles and the host was awesome! If you want to escape the monothony and do something great with your friends while you are locked in your house, you have to try Secret’s of Eliza’s Heart 😊🕵🏻‍♀️🤔🤫

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Reviews for Secrets of Eliza's Heart
May 2020
Logic Locks - "The Secrets of Eliza's Heart"
A group of brave souls, joined together by this supernatural investigation of the disappearance of Eliza. — read the full review from ESCAPETHEROOMers
May 2020
Remote Play Review: The Secrets of Eliza's Heart - Logic Locks
Secrets secrets are ~~no~~ **SO** fun - secrets secrets **are for everyone!**

The Secrets of Eliza's Heart is an existing, physical escape game at the the
venue's brick and mortar location - retrofitted to be offered as a live,
online experience. Although altered slightly to better flow in this new
medium, the game is, _at it 's core_, essentially the same as what guests will
find should they visit Logic Locks in person. —
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