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Time Games — Gone Viral

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Gone Viral

“Zombies. Everything you’ve heard is true, and we had an outbreak here recently. We managed to find a cure but while treating our patients I got scratched! The cure is in my lab but I can’t work out the security codes – I can’t think straight, everything’s turning red and I smell blood… I think I only have an hour, can you help me? Don’t come here, I might infect you… I’ll set up an online conference so you can log in with a team and guide me through the security system on live video.” — read more

Travel to Utrecht in the Netherlands without leaving your home and play Time Games' Gone Viral real life Escape room via live video link. Play with your friends over video, and join your game master in the real game room. You instruct them on what to do, where to look and how to solve the puzzles!

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When can I play?

Time Games operates in CEST which is currently 2 hours ahead UTC

Sunday 12 pm - 10 pm CEST
Monday 12 pm - 10 pm CEST
Tuesday 12 pm - 10 pm CEST
Wednesday 12 pm - 10 pm CEST
Thursday 12 pm - 10 pm CEST
Friday 12 pm - 10 pm CEST
Saturday 12 pm - 10 pm CEST

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Reviews for Gone Viral

Jun 2020
Best of those I've done so far :)

Best puzzles and most immersive. I've seen more interesting tech, but this one doesn't need that - the puzzles are great and they all fit with the narrative which is great :) Found it really inspiring.

May 2020

We played this game as a family of four.

Before playing this game I was a little skeptical as to how well a virtual escape room could compare to a physical escape room having done physical ones before and fully enjoyed the experiences.

My skepticism was completely unfounded as this was absolutely amazing! I would actually go as far as to say that this exceeded the experiences of the physical escape rooms it was so well done.

The scenario is fantastic and lends itself perfectly to working on a virtual platform. There were loads of puzzles to work through that were challenging but not too challenging. The set looked real and professional and for the time spent doing the escape room you actually believed you were in a real lab where a zombie virus outbreak had occurred.

The host, Toby, was brilliant. Really friendly and helpful and his acting through the entire hour was spot on!

Thanks for a really great experience!

Oh, and we managed to escape with 9 minutes left :)

May 2020
Fun game!

My wife and I really enjoyed this game. It had good puzzles, and the gamemaster was friendly.

Apr 2020
First virtual escape game

Me and my partner have never played a virtual escape game online before and as he is a lover of zombie outbreaks we picked to play "gone viral" for our first game. It's safe to say we will definitely be continuing to play escape games online! The host Toby was awesome, couldn't have been better. The game was fun and very immersive. Considering we've played over 30 normal escape rooms, there were locks and puzzles we had never come across before and it was brilliant! The game flowed perfectly and we honestly have nothing but good things to say about the game and the host, he went above and beyond to ensure we enjoyed the game from start to finish. Absolutely fantastic, loved every minute and worth every penny!! We escaped with 1 minute 17 seconds spare 😯.

Apr 2020
Brilliant hour with Zombie Toby

Toby was helpful from the get go. We wanted to play a game with two families with kids (youngest 10) but something that was also challenging for the adults. Plus he also had to cope with two languages (Dutch and English)

Gone viral was brilliant. We didn’t really know what to expect but The effort Toby put in before and throughout the whole thing was above and beyond. He stayed in character the whole time and the setup and clues were well thought out.
It worked super well bringing the two families (Scott’s and Dutchies) together.
We had a fab evening. Lots of screaming & laughing. Will definitely do it again. We are hooked!!!

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Reviews for Gone Viral
Zombie Outbreak in a time of COVID-19
LOVED this room for several reasons: theming, the Game Master, and the applicability to our current virus-related isolation...,The room was not extravagant, but felt like a lab that you'd want to have access to during a zombie outbreak. A fun way to keep meeting people remotely - and around the world! — read the full review from I Virtually Escaped