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Asylum Online

“You've received a message from a friend in a panic, asking for your help. You phone them back to find out they've been locked in a mental asylum by some crazy doctor. You have an hour to help them escape before the doctor returns and begins his next diabolical experiment. Good luck - you'll need it...” — read more

Have you ever wanted to play an escape room in New Zealand?  Now is your chance!  Asylum Online is the first online escape game from Epic Escape in New Zealand.  

Opening hours

When can I play?

Epic Escape New Zealand operates in NZDT which is currently 13 hours ahead UTC

Sunday 7 am - 4 pm NZDT
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 7 am - 4 pm NZDT
Thursday 7 am - 4 pm NZDT
Friday 7 am - 4 pm NZDT
Saturday 7 am - 4 pm NZDT

Check the booking page for available time slots.


Reviews for Asylum Online

Aug 2020
Online Room

It truly was great

Aug 2020

Definitely gave us a fright!
It was great, was definitely a goodie! Highly recommend!!! Our Host was amazing, it was a fun night out for us. Thanks.

Aug 2020
Great balance of puzzles and tech - A worthwhile hour of clue-solving entertainment!

Would definitely recommend Asylum by Epic Escape! Such a good combination of well thought-out and different puzzles, with a balance of tech that doesn't TOTALLY dumbfound the not-so-techies (like me! ;-) ), and can still provide a challenge to more experienced players . I was concerned there may be a bit of 'motion-issues', being a walk-around online room with avatar, but there really weren't. Anne's movements were well controlled and focused on where we wanted to be. We could see everything we needed to clearly, and the inventory link was useful and easy to use, allowing us to see items closer than our screens. A little bit of creepiness thrown in with a surprise here or there made for a great (almost) hour's worth of fun, challenging entertainment. Thanks - we will definitely be back for another online room at Epic Escape!

May 2020
Creepy but so fun

What a cool room! This was our first time playing an online room, and our experience here definitely makes me want to do it again. Every bit as fun as doing it in real life. Game master Anne made our journey so much fun, she went along with all our crazy ideas with such great humour and had a great laugh with us, but at the same time was totally professional. The game makers have created a compelling and coherent story that was easy to get swept up in, eith some good spooky surprises. Some really clever elements, and a good level of difficulty. Loved it!!

May 2020
Makes an escape room that bit more challenging

I would definitely recommend this room. Having done a couple of escapes rooms this one really tested me as it was so different not being in the room to look at various puzzles and piece them together, instead you have the added difficulty of instructing the camera person on where to go for each puzzle which means that you need to choose your instructions wisely. Bottom line you will definitely have a blast and a challenge with the EPIC escape room!

May 2020
Great fun

We played Asylum online from the comfort of our home during level 3 lockdown. The host was brilliant and became part of the game which I had not experienced before this gave it an immersive feel. As an escape room enthusiast this room was fantastic, and I'm looking forward to doing more rooms from Epic Escape in the future.

May 2020
Asylum online

I absolutely enjoyed playing this game online, we did it as a family.
Highly recommend giving it ago!

May 2020
Very entertaining!

Very engaging and kept us busy for a whole hour. We arent sure who enjoyed it the most, the adolescents or the adults!
Still experienced the excitement of cracking codes through the screen.
It was nice having a host live to direct us.

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Reviews for Asylum Online
May 2020
EPIC Escape - "ASYLUM"
Anne stood in the center of what appears to be an office and the game began. We really liked the drastic set design change from the office to the asylum room. — read the full review from ESCAPETHEROOMers