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Eleven Puzzles — Parallel Lab

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Parallel Lab

“A two-player cooperative online puzzle adventure, that is all about communication. Players have to follow parallel paths, explore a secret laboratory, describe what they see, and work together to unravel the mystery. Parallel Lab is played on two devices with a browser.” — read more


After escaping Cryptic Killer’s trap, the detectives thoroughly investigated the area where they had been held. Sadly they have found nothing that could move their case closer to catching the killer… Or so they thought.

Later that week, one of the engineers at the police station mentioned that the electronic equipment used to make the traps was quite old and specific. Luckily, there was only one old shop in the area that was still selling devices like that.

Armed with the new knowledge, Ally and Old Dog decided to visit the electronic shop to ask a few questions. Little did they know that that evening would have them fighting for their lives…

NOTE: This game is co-op only. It requires both players to have an active communication channel (e.g. Zoom or Discord).


In Parallel Lab the detectives are separated. You’ll see different items and clues than your partner. The game will test not only your puzzle-solving skill but also how well you communicate!


Parallel Lab is played in a browser, but controls like a classic point-and-click adventure.

No outside knowledge is required. You won’t have to open additional browser tabs, no Google search, and don’t need to have social accounts. Just pure, self-contained fun!


No need for booking. Just get a License Key, gather your team and play!

Opening hours

When can I play?

Eleven Puzzles operates in CEST which is currently 2 hours ahead UTC

Sunday 8 am - 10 pm CEST
Monday 8 am - 10 pm CEST
Tuesday 8 am - 10 pm CEST
Wednesday 8 am - 10 pm CEST
Thursday 8 am - 10 pm CEST
Friday 8 am - 10 pm CEST
Saturday 8 am - 10 pm CEST

Check the booking page for available time slots.

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