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ESCAPE TIME — Perfume the smell of murder

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Perfume the smell of murder

“A hint of a floral scent with a sweet hint of lust, a hint of bitterness, a hint of innocence, and a hint of fear…” — read more

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Is it a perfect recipe for the new fragrance? The only one, that would be the essence of your innermost desires?

The smell can be extracted from flowers, fruit, trees... But is it possible to get the smell of leather or the smell of emotions?

Many people have lost themselves while searching for the perfect fragrance. Can an ordinary murderer turn out to be a visionary looking for the perfect fragrance? A scent that pierces the human being?

In a small town where a car appears only by mistake, and the railway tracks are only a reminder of the life that once upon a time bustled here. A married couple with their son and their beloved dog have lived in a small house with a real thatched roof. To help with the summer harvest, they hired a boy who was walking with a bundle on his back along the road while they were working in the field. He went to work and all he wanted was a bowl of soup. The farmhand's only luggage were countless bottles and the book "Perfume". He was passionate about the history of getting the perfect fragrance. The farmhand used to spend his free time at the back of old railway warehouses. So summer has passed day after day...

Autumn came, a friendly purchasing manager, concerned about the lack of news from his friends, went to visit them with his companion. As it turned out, there was no one in the house, the dog kennel was empty too. He looked around the room until finally he smelled only a sharp smell and fainted...

Waking up in a cramped, dark room, a person intoxicated with drugs does not distinguish between fiction and the real world. You must come face to face with your fears and learn the mystery of your friends' disappearance.

The game is played using the browser. 15 minutes before the game you will receive an email with the details and a link to the game.

Opening hours

When can I play?

ESCAPE TIME operates in CEST which is currently 2 hours ahead UTC

Sunday 12 pm - 9 pm CEST
Monday 12 pm - 9 pm CEST
Tuesday 12 pm - 9 pm CEST
Wednesday 12 pm - 9 pm CEST
Thursday 12 pm - 9 pm CEST
Friday 12 pm - 9 pm CEST
Saturday 12 pm - 9 pm CEST

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