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Puzzle Room Lisbon — The Virtual Heist

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The Virtual Heist

“Lorenzo Lopez is missing and only you can find is whereabouts!” — read more

Virgílio Marçal was a Portuguese smuggler aspiring to be a navigator, or a navigator condemned to be a smuggler. He never traveled without two things: his gray hat and the dream of finding a treasure.

Lorenzo Lopez, a lonely and unlikable Spaniard passing goods to smugglers, had a particular affinity for Virgílio. On one of those business mornings on the border, Virgílio didn’t find Lorenzo. In his place was a letter with Virgílio’s name and an address written on a small paper. It read: “Rua do Passadiço, 142, Lisboa”. On the inside of the envelope, written in pencil, was a date and hour, followed by a note that had clearly been written in a hurry, saying: – “I need you and your partners to find the map in an hour. I'm counting on you, my dear friend.” But what was this map Lorenzo wanted Virgílio to find? And where was Lorenzo?

Distressed and intrigued by the disappearance of his friend, not knowing what he would find, our navigator/smuggler headed for Lisbon.

Opening hours

When can I play?

Puzzle Room Lisbon operates in WET

Sunday 10:30 am - 11 pm WET
Monday 2 pm - 11 pm WET
Tuesday 2 pm - 11 pm WET
Wednesday 2 pm - 11 pm WET
Thursday 2 pm - 11 pm WET
Friday 2 pm - 11 pm WET
Saturday 10:30 am - 11 pm WET

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Reviews for The Virtual Heist

Apr 2021
Awesome virtual experience

Great game to play virtually with friends!

Mar 2021
Assalto Virtual

Muito giro e bem organizado :)

Mar 2021
Very good adaptation to online. Fun moments to share with friends

I strongly recommend the game "The Virtual Heist"! The game master was extremely nice and the game was really fun to play. I'm used to play the game physically at the room and therefore I was a little bit apprehensive in playing the game online, but I most admit that it was a very good adaptation to a virtual mode.

Feb 2021
Great room!

Great room!

Dec 2020
Very fun!

Simple yet fun puzzles, good production, and the host was very good and helpful :)

Nov 2020
Virtual Escape Room? Yes, that's possible!

I googled virtual escape rooms for teams and found Puzzle Rooms by chance.
We were not disappointed!
If you ever participated in a "normal" escape room before, you'll see that a virtual escape room is only slightly different, and still very fun and enjoyable.
Good value for money as well.
Congratulations to the team for adapting to these new times and the restrictions in a very clever way.
I definitely recommend Puzzle Room for online team-building events.

May 2020
Good fun game.

This was another enjoyable game that is well suited to this format. There was nothing too tricky, but still a couple of of those "Oh FFS!" moments.

May 2020
You play the game and want to play again

The game is built arrow really clever puzzles, the hosts are their to help and guide you.

A really great way to spend time with friends an family.

If you like puzzles, to be challenged and have a great time, just buy the and play it.

May 2020
Great time!

Had a overall wonderful experience, I really enjoyed the game. First try on live vídeo escape rooms, and I must say they certainly delivered! Will try out more games in the future. Highly recommended. 👍

May 2020
good moments

good times with family or friends. advise

May 2020
Lots of fun with the family and friends 😊

If your are looking for a fun time with family and friends, this is the kind of game you are looking for. The puzzles are great and deliver all those fun and entertaining moments you expect from this kind of game! An immersive experience for sure. These 60 min are totally worth it, they go like a breeze, good story, amazing game master, the scenarios, we will definitely try it again.

May 2020
Surprisingly fun

I was quite sceptical to join on a virtual escape room but ended up being convinced by a friend.
It was surprisingly fun and we were busy trying to escape until the very end.
Once you get the game going, you'll be so immersed trying to solve stuff that you won't have time to think about the fact that you're not actually in the room.
Great fun!

May 2020
The best virtual experience ever!

Super fun to play with family or friends.
I loved the experience and didn't even notice the time passed.
It felt like we were really there!!!
I will definitely do it again! To see if this time we can decipher all the clues ... :)

May 2020
Great experience!

This game is a new, different and great experience! A funny game to enjoy with friends or family. It's a virtual experience where you feel like you're really in the game. So cool! 🙂

May 2020
an hour well spent in this quarantine

It’s amazing how they manage to transfer the experience of playing in loco to the online experience. I must confess that I was a little bit septic but the experience was so cool that I almost forgot that the game is online :) Truly recommend it

May 2020
Fun Fun Fun

You must try to find out why it's só much fun to play!! The puzzles are great and well thought! Have a great time with friends or family!

May 2020
What an experience...

The game is very well developed, with a good story and amazing puzzles. Loved the scenario! The Game Mater was very nice and professional. The camera showed us what we wanted to see constantly. It truly felt like we where there!

May 2020
Great game

Challenged by friends, we decided to try the new version of the game from a distance. the game is very well developed, it is a game that allows you to be played with the whole family! we love the decoration of the room, we feel like going there !! playing through the game master may seem strange at first, but as the game progresses, we feel our hands are playing !! thank you very much to the gamemaster for all the patience with US :)

May 2020
Feels like we're right there!

I really enjoyed playing this game. Beside the clever puzzles it really feels like we are inside the mission playing along with the game master. The scenery is very pretty and the angles of the camera shows us exactly what we want to see. This 60 min are totally worth it :)

May 2020
Great experience and awesome scenario

We found the map!! :)
The experience is very clever. You can interact with the game master all the time and spend 60min in an immersive game, great story and awesome host. You Must try it :)

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