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The Escape Artist — Flashpoint (Virtual Experience)

$25.00 Per game

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Flashpoint (Virtual Experience)

“A bomb has been planted by a villain and it is up to you and team to locate and defuse it before it goes off!” — read more

The notorious villain – Joseph Exodus, has plunged your city into great despair, as he once again signals his intent on world domination with a show of force. A dirty bomb with enough power to level the entire city has been discovered right in the heart of the city, in a dilapidated warehouse.Time is short and evacuation is impossible. Your team of heroes are called upon to save the day. Will you make it?

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Opening hours

When can I play?

The Escape Artist operates in +08 which is currently 8 hours ahead UTC

Sunday 12 am - 11:59 pm +08
Monday 12 am - 11:59 pm +08
Tuesday 12 am - 11:59 pm +08
Wednesday 12 am - 11:59 pm +08
Thursday 12 am - 11:59 pm +08
Friday 12 am - 11:59 pm +08
Saturday 12 am - 11:59 pm +08

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Reviews for Flashpoint (Virtual Experience)

Mar 2022
Team Building Event

Really fun, but we cut the wrong color then bomb explode.

Mar 2022
Great experience

Allow users more tries for the bomb explosion instead of ending the game immediately.

Mar 2022

Provide 3 chances for the bomb wire cutting as we worked hard to get there but bomb exploded in 1 try...

Oct 2021

Nice game

Oct 2021


Oct 2021
Excellent game play and great for bonding across teams/groups!

Highly recommended!

Aug 2021
All in all I loved it!

All in all I loved it! I would recommend this if I can!!!

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