Non-Live Online online — Ministry of Magic - Part 1

€25.00 Per game


Ministry of Magic - Part 1

“Those who only bring us destruction here are on the rise, and we are slowly becoming refugees in our own world. The last battle is imminent. And believe me, they are prepared!” — read more presents

  • The new way of playing escape room
  • From comfort of your home
  • Alone, or with your friends (number of players is not limited)
  • Buy a game and start it any time
  • Immersive 360° experience
  • Based on real escape room!
  • Special effects
  • Unique adventure, riddles and mechanisms
Digital game made by, powered by Telescape Live

Opening hours

When can I play? online operates in CEST which is currently 2 hours ahead UTC

Sunday 12 pm - 12 pm CEST
Monday 12 pm - 12 pm CEST
Tuesday 12 pm - 12 pm CEST
Wednesday 12 pm - 12 pm CEST
Thursday 12 pm - 12 pm CEST
Friday 12 pm - 12 pm CEST
Saturday 12 pm - 12 pm CEST

Check the booking page for available time slots.

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