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11th Hour Escape Rooms — Victoria's Last Challenge

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Victoria's Last Challenge

“A race to escape the attic room of Echoes Hill Manor with your inheritance. It’s a very sad day. Your beloved Great Aunt Victoria has passed away. At the ripe old age of 104. She had a long and good life but she will be sorely missed. Whilst there is no way to take away your grief, there is some positive news. In her last will and testament Victoria has left her vast fortune to you, yes you, her last living relatives. However it’s not just a case of giving you the money. You have to earn it!” — read more

11th Hour Escape Rooms in Wiltshire are making their existing Escape Room available for online play via a live video stream using a Whatsapp Video Call or Zoom Meeting. They gave some details in a recent Facebook post. To book the game go to their website at and select the time and date for Victoria's Last Challenge that you'd like to play. When you go to checkout enter the coupon code LIVESTREAM for a discount. You should select a different number of players based on how many different households you want to play (eg if you have multiple people playing at one computer that counts as one household):
  • For 1 household select 2 players (this will cost £20 with the coupon code)
  • For 2 households select 4 players (£40)
  • For 3 households select 6 players (£60)
You'll get a call 5 minutes before your game starts from your real-life avatar (Tim) to give you a briefing then start the game. The game can be played either through Whatsapp Video Call or Zoom.

Opening hours

When can I play?

11th Hour Escape Rooms operates in GMT

Check the booking page for available time slots.


Reviews for Victoria's Last Challenge

May 2020
Great puzzles and gameplay!!

My wife and I have done a lot of in-person games, and really enjoyed the puzzles and gameplay in this game! The gamemaster was fun and supportive, and was really rooting for us to succeed! We strongly recommend this game!!!