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The Mad Scientist

“I the Mad Scientist have created a secret formula to help people recover lost memories… But my findings have been leaked and I’ve since realised - its not complete!! The measurements are backwards and instead of remembering I’m slowly forgetting, I see an hour on the clock, did I set that to tell myself how long I have left before I totally forget who I am?” — read more

The Mad Scientist needs your help.. work together as a team to help him recover the correct formula, restore his memory and the minds of the population before one by one we all start to forget.. Family friendly experience All games are private bookings This game is played virtually from your home via an internet connection.

Your team will be guiding a in-room Games Master via voice commands, your Games Master will be your eyes, ears and hands in the game, you will get a live video feed from their perspective, so you will see exactly what they see. All connections/players must have high speed internet, players do not have to be in the same location. We can accommodate multiple internet connections, so you can play with people in your own house, or with other people around the world!

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Adventure Rooms Wales operates in GMT

Sunday 4 pm - 10 pm GMT
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Wednesday 4 pm - 10 pm GMT
Thursday 4 pm - 10 pm GMT
Friday 4 pm - 10 pm GMT
Saturday 4 pm - 10 pm GMT

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Reviews for The Mad Scientist

May 2020
An hour of Fun, Frustration and Family giggles!

First timers, so not sure what to expect. Thoroughly enjoyed and heart pumping as the minutes tick by to find your escape. Highly recommended. Great Host.

May 2020
Challenging puzzles for the whole family

Great fun without having to leave the house.

May 2020
Brilliant, We escaped!!

First time at trying one of these games. It was great fun. Great for all the family. Well done!!

May 2020
Great fun from the safety of the kitchen table

We played this game as a family linking up with my nephews who I haven't been able to see for quite some time, being able to link up and play the game together from different places was amazing. The host was fantastic, the puzzles really clever and I was impressed that it felt as though we were actually in the room. The time flew by, I've never played virtually before but would definitely recommend and would be keen to take up another AdventureRooms game. Great thinking in the current climate, maintaining safety and maximising technology to create 100% fun! Well done Arooms!

May 2020
A great family experience

We did this as a family, my husband, son and myself absolutely loved the whole hour we spent. We've never tried one from our living before but it was so easy to follow. The games master helped to ease us into the game and after a while it felt like we were actually there. The look of excitement on my son's face when we escaped was a pure joy. I can't recommend this enough.... Just try it!!!!

May 2020
Great hour in Lockdown

This was the first time we'd tried an escape game remotely after having done them in person at several different places. Absolutely loved it. The host was great and listened to what we said, he took on board every instruction we gave and it was almost like being in the room. My 9 year old son was so happy when we escaped. Thanks for the experience.

May 2020
Escape lockdown by breaking out

My family and I played the mad scientist through zoom the other week! It was such a laugh and something totally different. We’ve been doing quizzes but this took it to another level! I would 100% recommend it to anyone!

May 2020
Brilliant for Lockdown !!!

As a family we love adventure rooms, so were completely thrilled to find out we could now play online !!!! It’s perfect for lockdown. Finally an hour of no arguing!!!!! we all came together to solve the clues and direct our quiz master to victory. My boys aged 14 and 8 said it was singlehandedly the best thing they had done during isolation. Thank you, thank you Adventure Rooms👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

May 2020
Great tech and puzzles!!

My wife and I have done a lot of in-person games, and greatly enjoyed the puzzles and gameplay in this virtual game. The host was fun and supportive, and the tech was cool! Strongly recommend playing this virtual game!!