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Agent November — VIRTUAL X-CAPER

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“Calling all agents! Agent November needs your help! The Museum of Secrets has been robbed! The security guard at the Museum, Mr. E, has been murdered! International jewel thief Robyn Yew has escaped with precious artefacts, including the priceless 'Pandora Diamond'! An EMP device, designed by friend of the agency, Major X-Ploe Shun, has been planted at the scene, threatening to wipe out all of our communications!” — read more

Please note that you may be playing with strangers unless you book the whole time slot.

Solve both murder and jewel theft in this live video streaming game from Agent November. This is an original game designed for online streaming. Connect with your team and with your host via Zoom video chat then instruct your host in solving the puzzles, they are your eyes, ears and hands! Play with up to 6 people joining from separate devices, so get together with your friends without having to actually get together.

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Jul 2020
Agent November make this fantastic

This room is fantastic. The Game Master Agent November really goes above and beyond in making this a fun and immersive room. I would recommend this room for a great time with clever puzzles and laughs.

Jun 2020
The game-master makes it. He's great!

The game is cleverly conceived, and the puzzles fun. But what really sets this apart from the others I've played is the gamemaster, who is hilarious, and really creates an immersive experience. Highly recommend.

May 2020
Very clever and original puzzles!

My wife and I have done over 30 virtual and 350 in person games, and found the puzzles very original and clever!! We had a great time playing, and the gamemaster was supportive and patient! Strongly recommend playing this virtual game!

Apr 2020
Fun game with extra dimension

If you like your locks there's plenty of them in this immersive escape room experience. We definitely needed the wide range of skills of our team to solve the puzzles. I particularly liked the extra elements that took us beyond the immediate space.

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Agent November: Virtual X-Caper
I found the humour such a delightful touch to the game. I haven’t laughed so much in an escape room in a very, very long time. Overall, such good fun and I cannot stress that enough! If you only play one more escape game in lockdown, make it this one. — read the full review from The Escape Roomer
Jun 2020
Remote Play Review: Agent November - Virtual X-Caper | London
From vital keys just out of reach to real world problem solving made possible
through clever use of the internet, Agent November draws would-be spies into
its world in a completely believable way. With a healthy mix of locks, tech
and, well, sound effects to imply tech, Virtul X-Caper is a fun and
refreshing dive into the world of international espionage. —
read the full review from Escape Authority
May 2020
This game upholds the definition of a room escape.
For that unbelievable feat, "Virtual X-Caper" is a must play. And don't sleep on it. Once quarantine is officially lifted locally, this may disappear for good. — read the full review from Escape Mattster
May 2020
Agent November - Virtual X-Caper
Once booking is done, you'll hear from field operations and not just a normal game booking confirmation. We enjoy these little add-ons to spice up the atmosphere prior to the game. We really liked how the game started as it didn't feel like we were going to play a remote escape room — read the full review from ESCAPETHEROOMers