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Fox in a Box London — Virtual Bunker Experience

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Virtual Bunker Experience

“You're the only person who can stop this deadly pathogen!” — read more


You're the only person who can stop this deadly pathogen being released.

A 60 min launch sequence provides just enough time to ravage the bunker looking for clues and solving puzzles in order to deativate the launch sequence.

Are YOU the hero the world needs?


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Fox in a Box London operates in GMT

Sunday 11 am - 10 pm GMT
Monday 11 am - 10 pm GMT
Tuesday 11 am - 10 pm GMT
Wednesday 11 am - 10 pm GMT
Thursday 11 am - 10 pm GMT
Friday 11 am - 10 pm GMT
Saturday 11 am - 10 pm GMT

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Reviews for Virtual Bunker Experience

Jun 2021


Absolutely loved the experience! The acting, the puzzles. It was truly great to go through this experience as a team and I would highly recommend it. Also very surprised with the engagement and ability to interact in a virtual environment as I always felt like escape rooms had to be in person. Pleasantly surprised!

Jun 2021
Amazing team building experience!

Absolutely loved the Virtual Bunker experience! The actor was incredible!! So funny and believable, he really brought me and my team together and was super patient but also really informative. I've done the real life Escape rooms and this felt no different! Would highly recommend!

Jun 2021
Immersive, challenging, and so much fun... all to save the world from nuclear disaster.

We booked this as an experience for our team and it was absolutely such fun. The puzzles were challenging (but not so much so that it felt daunting), the acting was spot on, and the experience itself was immersive. Mind blown when it comes to a virtual escape room.

Apr 2021
Delivered an intense experience that felt satisfying to solve

I had a wonderful time in this escape room. "Alex" played by Reese was great and gave a wonderful performance that made me immediately want to help him escape. The puzzles were interactive and gave a nice sense of progression, and Reese reacted well to let us know when something worked. Despite being conducted over Zoom instead of in person, the format led to a unique experience that I really enjoyed where we had to lead someone else to discover the room rather than ourselves.

Apr 2021
My first escape room, and it was fantastic!

Pretty much everything you'd want out of an escape room? I reckon you'd find it here. The host was super friendly, the live actor did a fantastic job, the puzzles were challenging but very much doable, and the set was incredibly well designed. Thanks in particular to that last aspect of the challenge, I found myself taken in by the threat of nuclear Armageddon and incredibly relieved at its aversion. I found myself both engaged with the challenges and immersed in the experience the whole time, and all things considered, I'd happily recommend this to anyone!

Apr 2021
Patient gamemasters and talented actors make for an amazing, enjoyable experience.

Patient gamemasters and talented actors make for an amazing, enjoyable experience.

Apr 2021
Loads of fun

The host was an excellent actor, and the puzzles were incredibly fun to solve. We played with a rather large group, but everybody had their chance to shine through the diverse set of puzzles that allowed people with all sorts of interests to bring something to the group.

Apr 2021
Online escape room, played through telescape.

Very fun!
Main actor is very good and very enjoyable. Would recommend.

Apr 2021
Would love to play more!

Very exciting and well acted

Mar 2021
Amazing immersive experience

We had a great time solving all the puzzles. They were hard enough to get us thinking. Would definitely recommend!

Feb 2021
Great exercises

it would be good if there was a possibility of larger groups of participants.

Feb 2021
Amazing experience!!!

Definitely recommend this - very fun!!

Jan 2021
Absolutely exhilarating experience. Cannot wait to do another live escape room once Fox in the Box reopens.

Would highly recommend to all who enjoy and love brain busting challenges!
Truly kept us on the edge of our seats - strong team collaboration is a must to get through this. Such a great experience!!!

Jan 2021
This was great and something really fab to break up the pandemic lockdown,

I would recommend 100% Great host, great puzzles and lots of fun! Fully engaging and would recommend both on a personal level but something that professionally teams could do as well! Well done I give this 10 out 10!

Jan 2021

Well done for an amazing immersive experience. All the best Fox In The Box Team!

Jan 2021
Frustrating in a good way!!

10/10 escape room to try during lockdown. Felt like I was actually there. So fun, I would love to do it again!

Jan 2021
Lots of fun and stimulating

I was thinking it would be really fun to have something like this for school children

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Reviews for Virtual Bunker Experience
Mar 2021
Fox in a Box: Virtual Bunker Experience (Play at Home)
Fox in a Box exceeded our expectations with this room and we had an enjoyable experience. Probably a great room for those new to online escape rooms, but those who have played a few may find this on the easier side. — read the full review from Review The Room
Fox in a Box: Virtual Bunker
An extra shout out to our two hosts, Abdullah and Alex who both set the scene wonderfully from the first briefing to our every interaction in the room. It’s that special touch from the games masters, and playing with a great team that makes an experience a good one, so if you’re reading this review and thinking about booking this game – do it! But bring your A Team with you when you do! — read the full review from The Escape Roomer