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Know Escape — The Witches Tower

£45.00 Per game

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The Witches Tower

“You are but simple farmers, folk of honest work and modest money. You tend cows and grow crops, selling milk, fruit and vegetables in town to make your living.One evening on your way back home, you’re taking the usual shortcut through the deep, dark forest, when the air starts to get misty. Pretty soon, a fog has settled in, obscuring everything. You can no longer see the path beneath your feet.” — read more

A spooky game from Know Escape playable via live video stream from your own home. Gather up a team and take on the Witches of The Tower. You and your friends play via a live video stream directing the actions of the game master, solving the puzzles, and, hopefully, making it out in one piece!

A twist on traditional escape rooms with a live games master which can be played with friend and family across the world for just £45 per game. Or book all three of Know Escape's online escape rooms for £130!

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When can I play?

Know Escape operates in BST which is currently 1 hours ahead UTC

Check the booking page for available time slots.

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