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Armageddon Online Game

“Ok, so you have heard this is a matter of National Security but have not been able to find out the exact details till now. Well it’s all a bit embarrassing really – a bit of a blunder from one of the new rookie recruits. Don't just stand around looking goofy - sit down and I'll brief you in full...” — read more

Hard to believe but it turns out there were some inactivated nuclear warheads in what was thought to be an abandoned Nuclear Shelter in the Essex countryside.  We had a war games exercise on the site there and all having a jolly good time when some damn rookie accidentally triggered the launch sequence and for the life of us we can't quite figure it out how to stop it.

It is our understanding that you and your team can navigate the bunker and find what is required using our state-of-the-art robots.  We can't send somebody in due to the high levels of radiation.  You need to get in there and decipher the mysteries and defuse the bomb before we are all a goner.

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