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The Lockey Escape Rooms — Case 47: The Mole

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Case 47: The Mole

“Case 47: The mole - A spy thriller experience. Help Agent Anderson.” — read more

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Case 47: The mole - is a spy thriller experience set in the 1960's. You are tasked with helping fellow MI6 Agent Anderson to discover the identity of the mole in MI6. First, you must hack the online security cameras to help Agent Anderson escape from handcuffs in a pitch black room, after he has been arrested! Luckily, the MI6 ultra modern security cameras have night mode.
You will see and speak with Agent Anderson, and combining real world interactive elements with our superb online platform, be immersed for an hour in an experience we are sure you will love.

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The Lockey Escape Rooms operates in GMT

Sunday 10 am - 10 pm GMT
Monday 10 am - 10 pm GMT
Tuesday 10 am - 10 pm GMT
Wednesday 10 am - 10 pm GMT
Thursday 10 am - 10 pm GMT
Friday 10 am - 10 pm GMT
Saturday 10 am - 10 pm GMT

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Reviews for Case 47: The Mole

Jun 2021
Great team work experience!

Great activity for teams to interact.

Feb 2021
Really enjoyed it!

Really enjoyable and fun for the whole family.