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Twinwoods Adventure — Morse Code

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Morse Code

“A remotely played real-life escape room. Set in 1942, you'll need to control your avatar to complete two missions and escape within 60 minutes! Play with friends and family from around the world, with live video feeds, digital clues and puzzles galore!” — read more

It’s war-time and we need you to infiltrate the enemy tower.

Once in, you must retrieve a package and then relay the enemy’s attack plan using morse code. Can you achieve your mission and get out safely? Have you got what it takes?

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Twinwoods Adventure operates in GMT

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Jun 2020
A dot of fun with a dash of excitement!
This room went beyond our expectations with a great avatar, fun puzzles, good
set design and a one-of-a-kind ending. —
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Jun 2020
Remote Play Review: Twinwoods Adventure - Morse Code | London
Twinwoods Adventure is a unique entertainment destination that uses it's
history and existing structures to create a memorable game in Morse Code. —
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