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Ultimate Quest — The Last Pyramid : The Sands of Time

£15.00 Per player


The Last Pyramid : The Sands of Time

“Enter a mysterious pyramid in outer space and solve a suite of puzzles as quickly as possible to gain time in the Pyramid's Vaults.” — read more

The Last Pyramid : The Sands of Time is a 90 minute immersive and interactive adventure game. You and your team will be transported (by the power of Zoom meetings) to a pyramid floating in deep space. There you will meet your host who will guide you through the various areas of the pyramid where you can choose from the plethora of interactive puzzles available to you.

By solving a puzzles, you will bank time to use in a raid of the Pyramid's vaults. After 60 minutes of puzzle solving, you will embark upon the vaults with your amassed time - hopefully it's enough to help you get out!

The game features over 25 individual puzzles of a variety of styles so there should be something for everyone, whether your skills lie in logic puzzles, speedy reactions or even quick thinking. Some games are single player, some 2 player and some for the whole team. In addition to this you will use your collected seconds (banked when you solve the individual games) to escape the vaults, a quickfire succession of locked doors that your team will need to unlock - and fast!

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Ultimate Quest operates in GMT

Sunday 2 pm - 8 pm GMT
Monday Closed
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Wednesday 4 pm - 8 pm GMT
Thursday 4 pm - 8 pm GMT
Friday 4 pm - 8 pm GMT
Saturday 2 pm - 8 pm GMT

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