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Clue Chase — Scarab's Curse

$15.00 Per game


Scarab's Curse

“Hollywood, 1939 – While filming her latest Hollywood film, The Scarab’s Curse, renowned actress Veronica St. Clair was murdered. In order to prevent mass hysteria and the chance of the film being shut down, the producers have locked down the studio and are calling in private investigators to solve the case. You will be taking on the role of the private investigators. Good luck.” — read more

Scarab's Curse is a virtual escape game playable entirely in your browser. Teammates can work together either in person, or via a program such as zoom. The game features a variety of gameplay elements and puzzle types that should challenge anyone. Clue Chase developed this game platform in house, and it includes a built in hint system that allows players to control whether or not they use hints at all. The longer you spend on a single puzzle, the more hints will become available to you, should you need them. 

Ultimately you will need to explore the film set, and then based on the information you uncover, narrow your suspect pool down from 30 potential suspects, to one final culprit. 

The game takes approximately one hour to complete, the fastest ever time for a team to win (as of December 2020) is 33 minutes, the slowest team took just over two hours. 

Opening hours

When can I play?

Clue Chase operates in EDT which is currently 4 hours behind UTC

Sunday 12 pm - 10 pm EDT
Monday Closed
Tuesday 12 pm - 8 pm EDT
Wednesday 12 pm - 10 pm EDT
Thursday 12 pm - 10 pm EDT
Friday 11 am - 11 pm EDT
Saturday 1 pm - 11 pm EDT

Check the booking page for available time slots.