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Escape 60 Peoria Live Escape Room Adventures — ​Shagadelic Super Spy

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​Shagadelic Super Spy

“Shagadelic Super Spy-Don’t Blow Up with the Pad!” — read more

Your groovy British spy friend has again thwarted Doctor E’s sinister plan to hold the world ransom for one million, scratch that, one hundred-million dollars. He has recovered the nuclear missile that the Doctor had stolen and has hidden it in his very "shagadelic" London pad. Now Doctor E has captured your British friend and is going to set the missile off remotely in 60 minutes. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find and disarm the missile and get out of our hero’s high security pad before the Doctor sets it off in exactly one hour. Good Luck!

Opening hours

When can I play?

Escape 60 Peoria Live Escape Room Adventures operates in CDT which is currently 5 hours behind UTC

Sunday 12 pm - 9 pm CDT
Monday Closed
Tuesday 2 pm - 8 pm CDT
Wednesday 2 pm - 8 pm CDT
Thursday 12 pm - 9 pm CDT
Friday 12 pm - 9 pm CDT
Saturday 12 pm - 9 pm CDT

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Reviews for ​Shagadelic Super Spy

May 2020
Amazing remote escape room!

Just finished playing the remote Shagadelic Super Spy escape room. Being from California wasn't a huge time difference and worked for our schedule. You use Zoom to play the escape room. Our game master Alyse was patient, helpful, and professional. We escaped with 0:09 to spare!
The puzzles were just difficult enough to get you thinking about how they connected. We used two hints towards the end, which the game master explained well. The room itself was laid out extremely well and fit the theme perfectly.
It was a great experience overall and I would recommend it to anyone who wants the escape room experience at home.

May 2020
Super Fun and Different

I haven't seen any of the Austin Powers movies, but that's not a problem going into this escape room. Our game master was excellent; our group would bounce from puzzle to puzzle and they could follow it without a problem. They never gave anything away while we were trying to solve the puzzles, but they made sure that we saw all the clues that we would have seen if it had been done in real life. The puzzles were interesting and challenging, and we only got out with less than a minute to spare. However, they weren't too easy, since we did have to use a hint near the end. The game master joked around with us too, there was a fun back-and-forth that enhanced the experience. (We initiated the jokes, though, so if you prefer a quieter game they'd be able to accommodate that as well).
The flaws of this room are simply flaws of the medium: with only one set of eyes and hands, we could only work on one puzzle at a time, instead of running around and trying a bunch of different things. If we got stuck on a puzzle, it was harder to retrace our steps and figure out what went where.
Overall it was an excellent time. The puzzles weren't too easy but also weren't too hard, and it was immensely satisfying when we finally got out. I highly recommend this one.

May 2020
Clever clues!

I love the puzzle solving involved with these and this virtual experience did not disappoint. The theme was super fun and I was surprised at how engaged I was the whole time. Excited to try their next one!

May 2020
So fun! Definitely recommend!

I played Shagadelic Super Spy with five of my friends and we had a blast! We escaped with 8 minutes to spare, and we were challenged and engaged the entire time. I have only played a few escape rooms before, and didn’t really know what to expect from an online version. The online experience was so fun and intuitive. The puzzles were clever, the room was really well designed, and the game master Elyse was a pro! The whole experience was such a welcome change from our online zoom happy hours, and it really felt like we were there together with friends. I can’t wait to try the next room at Escape60 Peoria.

May 2020

Good fun puzzles and really fun and enthusiastic host in this 60s spy themed room. We defeated doctor E and no one exploded today! We played as a couple and found the puzzles challenging enough to be fun but not so hard as to be frustrating. Got out with 5 minutes to spare!

May 2020
Immersive and fun!!

I wasn't really sure what to expect out of the virtual escape room experience, but this room went above and beyond anything I expected! It wasn't frustrating or too hard, and everyone in our group really liked it (we had players in their 20s and grandparents play). The game master even helped us set up our Zoom meeting the right way. The room itself was really funky and fun to play with (who doesn't like a disco ball) and the puzzles were actually really satisfying. The glue for the whole experience was the game master, Elise, who was helpful (but not too helpful!) as we went through the room. I would definitely try another room from them and I'm looking forward to hopefully having my other college friends play over Zoom!

May 2020
Really fun and clever clues!

This was my first escape room experience, so I can't compare it to in-person rooms. I think this venue fits my personality better, since I tend to be an introvert. But my husband, sitting next to me and an extrovert, really got into it, too, This was also his first experience.

Shagadelic was fun and challenging at the same time. The host was VERY responsive to our requests, serious about her job, yet also had a sense of humor. That was very appealing to me. The host did a great job of making sure the camera was positioned so that we could clearly see everything in the scene, even the tiny clues hidden in odd places.

It moved quickly and I completely lost track of time, which meant I was immersed and focused. That is exceptional for someone like me who can become distracted very easily. I highly recommend Shagadelic Super Spy for the fun and mystery and challenge. Looking forward to doing more of these!

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Reviews for ​Shagadelic Super Spy
May 2020
Oh groovy, baby.
This room was a lot of fun to play. Our avatar was such a good sport. Besides his groovy watermelon shirt, he also had a pair of "shagadelic" spy sandals. — read the full review from ESCAPETHEROOMers
May 2020
Oh, behave… you gotta find that missile
For lovers of, and/or experts at, puzzle solving! — read the full review from Escape Mattster