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Mad Genius Escapes — The Truth About Edith

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The Truth About Edith

“You may recognize Edith Humphreys, your sweet neighbor with 24 cats. You may have even helped her out, snooped around her apartment. But there's something about Edith that doesn't quite add up...” — read more

When we made the difficult decision to close our physical escape room, we put our heads together to figure out what the best virtual experience we could offer would look like. Our team includes a game designer, a programmer, an artist, and an actor, so we knew if we worked hard and combined our talents, we could create something exciting. We started with the idea of using a video call for team communication, while following a trail of puzzles that lead players through several different custom-built websites. The puzzles would require players to work together by giving each player different actions that affect the scene, which is displayed to the rest of the team in real-time. To do this, we implemented a codename system (like a password) that players use throughout the game to log in to the different puzzles, and a virtual room data management system to have multiple games running at once. This system opens up a world of possibilities that we are excited to explore with this and future games. 

We've had players from ages 10 to 70, and from all over the US and even around the world. Some have told us it's the most fun they've had with their friends since the lockdowns started! We're delighted to offer this game to the escape room community as a small speck of fun in this trying time. 

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Reviews for The Truth About Edith

May 2020
Something a bit different

This game is quite unlike others I’ve played. A lot of it is played on custom built websites with all sorts of interesting ways the team has to work together. A GM is present on the zoom call but is mostly just there if you need help. There are some pre recorded videos and there’s a live actor to interact with. Good fun!

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Reviews for The Truth About Edith
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Jun 2020
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The owners created something very special here. And it merits being shared among all escape room and puzzle fanatics out there. — read the full review from Escape Mattster
May 2020
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A little old lady has a shocking secret. _And twenty-four cats_. — read the full review from Escape Authority