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Virtual Escape Games — REC: Escape the 80's Workout VHS

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REC: Escape the 80's Workout VHS

“Simon Richards was the star of the 80’s. As the poster child for at-home workout videos, Simon quickly rose to fame before disappearing in 1989. He vanished shortly after the conclusion of his 1989 New Year’s Eve special, “Rec.” As a result, the movie was scrapped and only one copy of the film was ever produced. But how did that copy end up at your doorstep this morning? Curious to check it out, you and your friends play the film only to immediately find yourselves teleported into the tape! Now, trapped in an 80’s workout video, you need to use your wits to find your way out. Does your team have what it takes to uncover the mystery behind Simon’s disappearance, or will you be stuck in the 80’s forever?” — read more

This adventure is unique in that it's a game master led experience set up so that you pay AFTER your experience! Pay what you'd like/can after completing our 80's workout vhs themed game-- a theme found nowhere else in the world! 

Once you joined, you'll be paired with a live host that will cover the specifics of the game before giving you access to all the content needed to complete your adventure. You will move at whatever non-linear path you'd like, occasionally interacting with your host to further the plot of the game. The host never interjects unless called upon and teams are given free reign to choose the path they follow towards victory!

A great representation of classic 80's culture.

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Reviews for REC: Escape the 80's Workout VHS

Oct 2020
Good game and great hosts!

Hosts Joshua and Emma were friendly and improved the whole experience! Game was accessible and funny