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Wisecracks Comedy Escape Rooms — Wisecracks Comedy Escape Rooms

$25.00 Per player


Wisecracks Comedy Escape Rooms

“Can you free Jack before the delivery truck arrives?” — read more

Jack-in-the-Box is fed up. He’s lived his life crammed into a box only to be let out for a moment and then stuffed right back in while his twin brother, The Wisecracker, gets to play games and pull pranks on people all day. Jack has decided to get his revenge on the Wisecracker and you! Jack has locked The Wisecracker up in a cabinet and your toys have been crammed into boxes and are about to be shipped to Timbuktu!

Can you and your team free The Wisecracker and all of your toys before the delivery man arrives to take them all away?

Opening hours

When can I play?

Wisecracks Comedy Escape Rooms operates in EST which is currently 5 hours behind UTC

Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 11 am - 8 pm EST
Thursday 11 am - 8 pm EST
Friday 11 am - 8 pm EST
Saturday 11 am - 8 pm EST

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