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Wndrbox — The Picnic Basket

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The Picnic Basket

“After solving the last puzzle in the briefcase, you learned the Doctor was meeting an associate at the park for a picnic to further discuss the matters at hand. You and your friends rush back the the park to find the picnic basket. When you find the picnic site, there are ants everywhere on the blanket and the basket is locked. The Doctor and his associate have left more clues and puzzles for you to solve...” — read more

In a followup to Wndrbox's other Puzzle box game you again play via a live video link alone or with friends. Direct your host to work out the clues and solve the puzzles. You have 1 hour to work it all out and find out what's happening.

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Wndrbox operates in EDT which is currently 4 hours behind UTC

Check the booking page for available time slots.

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