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“I love puzzles and escape rooms. Always did, always will. They fascinate me, intrigue me and a good puzzle can give my brain a natural high. So one of those sleepless nights that one ponders what life is all about, I realized that I should strive to make my passion a bigger part of my life.” — read more

How to play YouEscape:
• Connect with your team to a live video call
• Speak to the Gamemaster and guide him to interact with the objects you see on camera
• Use additional clues like images, videos and mini-games to solve all the puzzles

List of available rooms: http://bit.ly/youescape_list

Available time slots: https://teamup.com/ks51t6vvr6ay381q6g

YouEscape's page: https://www.patreon.com/youescape

Opening hours

When can I play?

YouEscape operates in UTC

Check the booking page for available time slots.


Reviews for YouEscape

Sep 2020
YouEscape has been great even before quarantine!

YouEscape is my favorite way to keep in touch with my escape room puzzling crew. New games every month, and all with varied puzzles and setups! Nick is a wonderful game master who knows exactly how to allow us to spin our wheels overthinking a puzzle without jumping in with a hint until we absolutely need it. Everyone should try YouEscape, but especially anyone who's on the fence about trying a virtual room, and may get motion sick in avatar style rooms. It's a great time!

Jul 2020
Equal parts challenging and entertaining

YouEscape has a very entertaining set of puzzles, the GMs we've had were very accommodating when we had technical issues and very nice. The story for each room we've done is interesting, and very immersive, not just being locked in with the game set-- internet usage is needed in some cases.

I also like their method of allowing reservations via google doc of sorts, where it's easy to determine what is and is not available and what time.

Jul 2020

YouEscape is an AMAZING series of online escape rooms!!!! My two friends and I started doing these escape rooms during COVID lockdown-- and found it to be a RIVETING experience that allowed us to connect over a wonderful shared activity!!!! Honestly, the monthly subscription is an incredible deal-- we all really look forward to the escape room every month!!!

The rooms are incredibly fun, and the puzzles are exciting and complicated. I've spent many an hour reminiscing with my teammates about some of the especially excellent puzzles from these rooms and the wonderful way that Nick incorporates technology and cool websites and games into the escape room.

The puzzles are great-- and Nick is such a PHENOMENAL game master!!! He is wonderfully kind and engaging, and is super encouraging as well!!!!! YouEscape is wonderful!!!!!!!!!

Jul 2020
Captivating storyline, clever puzzles!

I would absolutely recommend YouEscape to anyone who enjoys challenging his/her mind! The innovative puzzles invite you to think out of the box while the imaginative storyline really intrigues you! Nick-the resourceful creator!- is also a great host!!

Jul 2020
YouEscape is in a league of its own - don't miss this one!

I've done the first three YouEscape rooms so far, and I'm eagerly looking forward to the fourth. Tied together with an intriguing narrative, the puzzles push outside the normal boundaries of escape room "rules" without ever becoming unfair or impenetrable. The designer has taken advantage of the format to tread new ground, with puzzles using practical science effects, interactive websites, audio elements, etc. The host is friendly and a great communicator, and very good at adapting hints to help unstick us when needed without spoiling the puzzles. I heartily recommend this one!

Jul 2020
Great host with clever puzzles in physical + virtual reality

I've been doing YouEscape games with a group of 4 friends for well over a year. We are actually currently waiting on a new puzzle to come out because we've completed all the existing ones! I was skeptical about how fun it would be to solve puzzles on someone else's desk over video chat, but have been continuously impressed. Nick has creatively integrated the physical world, which he controls at your direction, with curiosities of the internet, to give you a solid hour plus of virtual puzzle-solving fun. As a host he remains an impartial observer, providing hints when requested but otherwise allows your team to talk through theories uninterrupted. I only wish there was a second camera on his face so we could observe his true reactions to all our crazy wrong solutions. Perhaps an idea for a YouEscape reality TV show?

Jul 2020
Fabulous Way for Cross-Country Friends to Have Time Together

My best friend who lives in Texas. I live in Florida. Although we get to see each other 1-2 times a year, our families value other opportunities to see each other. Our families have done live escape rooms on vacations in the past and during this quarantine time have exchanged ideas of fun games and activities to do with our families. We found YouEscape, and its been awesome. Once a month, our families schedule an evening to catch up and play one of their escapes. The puzzles are fun and challenging (with only a minimal amounts some of the digital aspects of other escape rooms -- such as using google maps to find an exact picture or sign -- which I find frustrating). We have successfully escaped our first 3 months and look forward to escaping all their other games. So glad we have found this opportunity.

Jul 2020
This unique escape room will blooooow your mind! 🤯

The concept is original and exceptional!
The set is creative, the puzzles have great variety both in concept and difficulty. The game master is very friendly and he really values the players' opinion and enjoyment!

Jul 2020
A fun and original escape room with clever puzzles

YouEscape is a live online escape room. By itself this is an interesting and innovative idea and one should try it for the novelty. However YouEscape has much more to offer.
The puzzles are the strong point. They are medium-hard, but fair and never random or irrational. There are many unique puzzles that wouldn't be possible in a conventional escape room and some that ask you to think outside of the box.
The props are simple, but cleverly made. You will find many interesting objects to interact with and also many beautiful websites to explore. The backstories for each room are basic but fun and you will find a good variety, without the cliche scenarios.
Finally, the game master is a very nice guy, very helpful and he always made sure that I enjoyed each game i played.

10/10 Highly recommend.

Jul 2020
Cool immersive distance Escape Room!

I have been playing YouEscape's games for a while now. They have clever escape room style games that one can play through the comfort of a home. The rooms keep you focused and your brain working all the way to the end with fun and creative puzzles. Would recommend to experienced and non experienced players.

Jul 2020
YouEscape is a hot potato.

Youescape is a great up and coming online escape room. What makes it so interesting is the fact that it uses a large variety of online media and tools in the game, bringing players in touch with all different kinds of puzzles, each time in a completely different and inventive way.

Considering that it comes with a totally new and unique game every month, I think the subscription is worth it, not to mention the fact that YouEscape games are always family friendly and each room can be played even by large groups of people (unlike other games of the sort).

Jul 2020
I played! I enjoyed! Will play again!

Clever puzzles with various levels of difficulty and with each room accompanied with just enough plot for immersion purposes. Some puzzles are simple to solve and others are really difficult but you can always get a hint from the game master interacting with you. Overall it's an excellent alternative for anyone who wants to play an escape room without leaving his/her house and definitely worth giving it a shot to see for yourself.

Jul 2020

My partner and I have done 6 rooms with Nick at YouEscape. His games are always delightfully themed and well-crafted. Most utilize really cool internet tools, making it perfectly designed for digital play rather than just adapted from an existing physical room. We always look forward to playing with Nick, who has become a new pal across the sea. His passion for puzzles shines through his work and he's just an overall nice guy to chat with. We usually play with one of a few different couples, but sometimes play by ourselves so they work well with 2-4 people. The puzzles are challenging but fair. Overall, highly recommend!

Jul 2020
Fun game that I highly recommend

We have played 3 games so far, and every time Nick has managed to surprise us. The use of different online resources is really cool and we've wondered more than once where he finds these things. We can highly recommend to give it a go!

Jul 2020
I enjoy You Escape!

I'm three months in on my subscription to You Escape, and I'm enjoying it! The hosts have been fantastic each game (shout out to Beth, whom we've most recently had. She's been excellent). My team of three have been enjoying each month. Don't expect a beautiful set, but expect challenging and clever puzzles! They use a good mix of internet resources and locks and visual puzzles. We'll keep our subscription!

Jul 2020
Affordable reprieve during lockdown

YouEscape provides a series of low-budget but highly creative challenges you solve in typical escape room fashion - albeit remotely. This is the first remote escape game company I'm aware of, and they've created a format that is appropriate for their medium, rather than trying to adapt an existing full-sized escape room for remote play. Each game has a fixed price, whether you're one or four players, and you don't have to be in the same location. I have friends on opposite sides of the world who play together. Highly, highly recommend.

Jul 2020
Great fun and such a nice guy hosting

Nick is such a nice guy and has made some really clever and interesting games. You can tell he has really put effort into designing his games!!

Jul 2020
YouEscape is very fun, challenging and a unique online escape room. They found a way to make the virtual escape room through a combination of Google Hangouts, Google Drive and interaction with the hosts.

I am a big of YouEscape. They have found a way to bring the Escape room to you with interactive hosts, fun, challenging and unique rooms all from the comfort of your computer screen. It has been a great way to do team events and I will be using them for social activities with friends as well! Nick, who manages the platform is very responsive and a great host as well!

Jul 2020
YouEscape is a tour de force

YouEscape is a degustation menu of puzzle mechanics, escape conditions, and all the weird and wonderful things you can do on the internet. Don't be fooled by the simple setup (a tabletop and a Google Drive). That only means that Nick, who is as fantastic a gamemaster as he is a game designer, has nothing to dazzle you with except his puzzles, which are as clever as they are beautiful. I cannot recommend YouEscape enough!

Jul 2020
Have done a ton of YouEscape rooms - love Nick and the experience!

I've been an enthusiastic fan of YouEscape, enjoying the opportunity to play remote rooms with Nick online with far-flung friends since well before the pandemic! Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for some fun puzzles and a unique experience!

Jul 2020
Online fun with YouEscape

I've played many episodes of YouEscape and always have a good time with their unique and clever puzzles!

Jul 2020
Very smart puzzles in a very interesting setup!

Totally recommend trying this remote escape room. It is an interesting setup where you have to solve some puzzles on a google drive link that you will receive as soon as you start: that will send you all over the internet. every solved puzzle will help you find what instructions to give to the host in the live video to move forward in the game. we played 5 rooms so far and they all were very exciting with some cool tricks (of physics/chemistry in general). We played about 100 live escapee rooms before the lockdown and we think that this is far more interesting than many that we played. Since we tried the first one we have been hooked and we can't wait to play the next one. Many of them are also more than one hour and we love that! We believe also that the level of difficulty is right where it should be. On top of that it is all managed by an excellent host. We Highly recommend it!

Jul 2020
Low tech

Excellent puzzles but unprofessional presentation. Most puzzles are uploaded to a Google Drive folder, creating an experience similar to an online puzzle hunt. Some send you to other websites. But some are physical puzzles on the host's table, so you and the host both need a strong video connection - we had a lot of trouble seeing enough details.

Jul 2020
Fun diversion for a social gathering

My little team (a teenager and three adults spread over two households) has played four games so far. The first one was 'Magnum Opus' and was alchemy based and engrossing without being frustrating. I think my favorite so far has been the submarine theme.

Because we don't have to guess which lock we're working on, we could be focused on enjoying the puzzles. We've done four of their twelve games at this point, and have a tendency to plow through their games with brute force and ignoring helpful hints that are on the board, which has led to a couple of really funny side conversations with the GMs that we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

I like the use of google drive to handle the pre-set parts, and using clue-based URLs for hints or next phases. I do recommend making sure your computer can handle multiple screens / windows, or use multiple computers to have one dedicated to the game stream, and one for the URLs. The props are home built, but work with just a touch of imagination on our part.

We have spent four hours of moderately-stressful time solving the rooms, then many hours afterwards laughing at our mistakes and celebrating the successes. I look forward to playing the remainder of the games.

Our family has had a lot of fun playing virtual Escape Rooms during this time of social distancing

Live Video Escape Rooms are a great way to connect with family and friends when you cannot get together because of social distancing or just distance. It is easy to select a day and time that works for your group. No worries about added time to travel to a location. Games can be played in your favorite home location on the devise you have available. The Game Master goes all out to make the remote setting exciting and fun!

Jul 2020
The most fun we've had in isolation!

These games are so clever and fun. There is a new one each month!

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Mar 2020
Magnum Opus - YouEscape - Virtual
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