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BH Escape — The World Cup Theft

190.00 BRL Per game

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The World Cup Theft

“Symbol of the conquest of the third soccer world championship, the Jules Rimet cup was stolen! Withdrawn from the brazilian confederation building itself. It is believed to have been melted down and sold in clandestine markets. What a shame! Or is it not? Our investigators have discovered some facts that show that this story may not have happened in exactly this way. We have reasons to believe that it did not leave the confederation building on that fateful day. Your mission will be to go back to 1983, an hour before the new year, and investigate the confederation's rooms to find out more about the trophy's whereabouts. Be careful, a secret of this magnitude will be very well hidden, and time is crucial to the success of the mission!” — read more

Journey back to 1983 and discover one of the greatest brazilian mysteries, the theft of the Jules Rimet trophy!

You will find yourself in a room fully decorated according to it's time and with a lot of wow factors that will keep you thriled for the entire game.

Join us on this online adventure and help us recover our greatest relic!

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BH Escape operates in -03 which is currently 3 hours behind UTC

Sunday 12 pm - 1 am -03
Monday Closed
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Wednesday 12 pm - 1 am -03
Thursday 12 pm - 1 am -03
Friday 12 pm - 1 am -03
Saturday 12 pm - 1 am -03

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Reviews for The World Cup Theft

Aug 2020


Aug 2020
One of the best online games we have done

We really enjoyed this room. Some of the online games have been a bit easier because every action is specifically directed, but this one had enough puzzles you had to think about for us to move quickly to escape in time which made it more exciting. This was definitely the best value to experience that we have gotten out of an online room. Highly recommend doing this whenever you can.

Aug 2020
Pleasant host, good challenging puzzles, flowed well

Best value of many of the online escape rooms that I have done

Aug 2020
Ótima sala.

Boa jogabilidade.
Bons enigmas.
Monitor bem humorado.
Envolve tecnologia dos dispositivos de maneira bem legal.

Aug 2020
Muito legal!!!

Altamente recomendável!
Uma experiência divertidíssima...
Vale cada segundo!!!

Jul 2020
Great game to do with your friends

Having never played a escape game before, i really liked the expirience. The world cup theft very Good game with fun puzzles and a very immersive ambience. Moreover, the host was super nice and very patient with new players. I recommend for everyone to try it.

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