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BH Escape — The mistery of Santos Dumont

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The mistery of Santos Dumont

“After some calculation errors, our temporal agent was trapped in 1933. Exploring a little, he discovered that this is the home of the most renowned Brazilian inventor: Alberto Santos Dumont. We managed to contact him via the latest technology and established communication between you. Help him to explore the home of the great inventor and use his inventions to be able to energize his machine and return to our time. Remember: If you can't do it in an hour, the machine will collapse, forever damaging the time fabric.” — read more

In our best room to date, you will be traveling back in time and discover the wonders that Santos Dumont invented and figure a way out of this mess.
With lots of tech, unique puzzle crafted by two professional game designers and an astonishing scenario, you will feel like you are really in 1933.

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Reviews for The mistery of Santos Dumont

Jul 2021
Good fun!

Some very cool interfaces that we haven't seen before. The host was very friendly and also seemed to be having fun, which always makes things more enjoyable. One of the more difficult games we've played, but doable for people with a bit of experience.

Oct 2020
Vale a pena jogar mesmo a distância

Eu e minhas amigas estavamos procurando um escape e foi nossa primeira experiência live. Adoramos a sala e a equipe, recomendo fortemente!

Jul 2020

A sala foi super divertida, a experiência muito parecida com a de estar realmente na sala e todos muito simpáticos! Adoramos

Jul 2020
Clever experience adapted to online audiences

These guys have been working on Escape Room experiences for a long time. You can easily tell since all the setup is carefully put together and the puzzles themselves are quite clever.

They have also made a great effort in adapting the online experience to fit the current (2020) COVID-19 crisis, and it works pretty well.

I recommend trying it out with some of your friends or coworkers to have a fun time and bond together while solving nice puzzles.

Jul 2020
Fun Time !

I played with my friends and we had a lot of fun. Pedro was a friendly and caring hoster and we had a great experience with the room. Recomend!

Jul 2020
A Live Escape fair enough for one of the greatest inventors in the world.

I have played over 100 local escape games in Brazil, but I never had the opportunity to play at BH Escape due to the distance from where I live. With the advent of Live Escapes, I saw that it was my chance to get to know this highly valued Brazilian company.
The room chosen for the first experience in Live Escape, was precisely The Mystery of Santos Dumont by BH Escape, where we should help one of its agents of the Intelligence Center to return until 1932 and recover one of Santos Dumont's inventions that he kept secret, bringing back in 60 minutes to the present day, to use it with the purpose that was created.
The only regret of the experience, is haven't been able to play the room in person, as it has several artifacts, some worthy of Santos Dumont, making the game flow playfully all the time. The Game Master is another highlight, not letting the team lose focus in any minute. In the end, we managed to get the agent to recover the invention just in time and successfully return to 2020.
As my first experience in Live Escape, it was really worth it, I had fun, it was enough to catch up with escape games, with my team and quench my addiction since it's being so long without playing an escape game due to the pandemic.
Two months after having my first Live Escape experience with The Mystery of Santos Dumont, I have already made more than 10 Live Escapes and I can say that in addition of being one of the best rooms in Brazil, it is being responsible for addicting many Brazilians in this new modality to play Escape Game.

Jul 2020
I loved it!

It managed to exceed my expectations, I played other live escape rooms in which the game was monotonous or very confusing. In BH escape the platform created by them, the monitoring and the dynamics of the game brought me the adrenaline of the physical game! I loved it!

Jul 2020
WOULD RECOMMEND; Engaging room; appropriate level of difficulty/complexity for online play

Did this group as a group of 4 broken up between 2 separate locations. This was our first time doing a completely online escape room but was my 32nd escape room overall.

We were admittedly skeptical about doing an escape room remotely. There would imaginably be pros & cons in doing a remote game: on the negative side, having to channel all commands through one proxy meant that we could only chase down one set of clues at a time rather than having individuals investigating different parts at the same time. With that being said, having a proxy could also mean that he will aim us where we need to be looking and we can get the sense if we are pursuing the wrong path in the tone of his voice (if not straight out saying that he doesn't feel something is of value). Apparently, the quality of proxies varies from experience to experience. With that being said, our guy was really good and added positively to our remote experience.

Overall, we found the room to be engaging and interesting with a variety of puzzles that varied in their solutions (i.e. not the same puzzles repeated ad naseum). They also used some interesting prop-puzzles that went a long way towards increasing engagement. Additionally, while I did not come up to solutions to all of the puzzles (myself), after our group identified solutions I can say that they all made sense (i.e. made sense within the context of the game; weren't stupid/non-sensical, such as there being a piece of paper in the battery compartment of a flashlight you are using).

Overall, we felt that the game was the appropriate level of difficulty/complexity for online play. We completed it with 5-minutes left.

WOULD recommend to friends.

[Group of 4; experienced players; 2-separate locations; USA; operated remotely; escaped successfully]

We loved this online room, it has been one of our top 3 of over 30+ online we have done. We are wishing we could have been there in person! Great mix of tech and locks. We can't wait to play your next game!

We give it 5 stars, you have to add this game to your must do's!

Jun 2020

This is the 2nd time I have done a virtual escape room and it was excellent!

Jun 2020
Incredible experience with amazing host

So much fun. Puzzles were intriguing, story was fun, and Pedro was hilarious (also super hot). Thank you for keeping the escape room alive in a pandemic!

May 2020
Very Immersive Experience!

I've played a lot of escape rooms in different countries around the world, and one thing that I learned is that the moment you step into a room, you already know how much effort creators have spent there. The Mystery of Santos Dumont is one of those rooms in which you feel amazed by every single detail. From the lights, to the decoration, not a single piece was out of place and everything makes you feel like you went back to the beginning of XX century. The puzzles were very clever and completely aligned with the story line. I'd definitely recommend this experience.

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Reviews for The mistery of Santos Dumont
Jun 2020
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A nice mix of mechanical puzzles, tactile challenges, and hidden technology creates several memorable moments. — read the full review from Escape Authority
May 2020
BH Escape - "The Mystery of Santos Dumont"
There were a few unique uses with these items that gave us "wow" moments. Like the name of the game, the entire room felt like a mystery. I liked how it slowly unraveled as we discovered clues and solved puzzles. — read the full review from ESCAPETHEROOMers

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