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Bruum Escape — The Search for the Magical Artifact

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The Search for the Magical Artifact

“He angered the powerful fortune teller Tobar. Since that day his life has changed for the worse. Much worse! He wants to sneak into his trailer when it's empty to fix things but can't do it alone. He needs your help!” — read more

Gather a team and choose the most convenient moment to take action.

We will make sure that the fortune teller's trailer will be empty enough time to give you the opportunity to help your client complete the mission.

He will be your eyes and your hands but you will be the minds of the operation.

All you need is a computer, an internet connection, the Zoom program and your skills in deciphering codes and solving puzzles.

Nobody said this will be just a game ...

Opening hours

When can I play?

Bruum Escape operates in CEST which is currently 2 hours ahead UTC

Sunday 10 am - 6 am CEST
Monday 2 pm - 6 am CEST
Tuesday 2 pm - 6 am CEST
Wednesday 2 pm - 6 am CEST
Thursday 2 pm - 6 am CEST
Friday 2 pm - 6 am CEST
Saturday 10 am - 6 am CEST

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Reviews for The Search for the Magical Artifact

Feb 2021
Fantastic fun

Originally designed as a mobile game the set packs a lot into a small space, but what a spcae it is! There is plenty to explore and uncover in your quest to uncover the magical artifact!
The game is not linear which kept us on our toes throughout the game! The puzzles are inventive and there was never a dull moment.
Our host was friendly, responsive and paced the game well as time went on.
Overall we really enjoyed the experience and would certainly recommend it to other enthusiasts and new players alike!

Feb 2021
Escape the Curse

Really good fun escape room. You receive some pre-event details (fun video and escape caravan gallery of images), that set the scene, but you don't need to refer to them during the game. Our host, Mario, was in good spirits and adding fun to the atmosphere. The room itself is really impressive, such a small space and yet feels more like a three-room adventure with some interesting multi-layered, really immersive puzzles. It's always good when puzzles are not simply padlocks and that was what was so good here. Puzzles that require a more cerebral effort. I recommend this room and look forward to a future adventure from Bruum Escape.

Feb 2021
Very cool set

We really liked that this game was set up in a caravan--something different! Cool, imaginatively designed set. The puzzles were a bit tricky in places, but had some imaginative elements. And the GM seemed like a really nice guy. Recommended!

Sep 2020
We really enjoyed it!

My team really enjoyed it and it was a good exercise for us!

Sep 2020
This was amazing!!!n

tbh this was the best thing I have ever done in 2020, the setup was cool everything was so creative , I really recommend this... trust me you will like it.

Jul 2020
Paolo was a great GM!

As a remote group of 3, I played The Search for the Magical Artifact and had a great time.
I particularly enjoyed the final puzzle and I'm thankful that my team mates are smarter than me or else we'd never have solved it in time. Paolo was a fantastic GM and he obviously enjoys the game as much as we did. Definitely recommend!

Jul 2020
Extremely fun and immersive online avatar led experience!

My daughter and I both loved playing The Search for the Magical Artifact. We enjoyed the puzzles, the decor and the host. We laughed so much and it was one of our most enjoyable online experiences. We look forward to playing his games in real life during our travels!

Jul 2020
A small room but lots of fun and puzzles

This game uses a mobile escape room so it's all contained in a very compact space. But they get a lot into that space. It's all beautifully made with some great puzzles and plenty of aha moments! We definitely felt the pressure to find what we needed and get out, good fun!

Jul 2020
One of the best escape rooms I've ever tried!

I played the remote escape room The Search for the Magical Artifact! and I highly recommend it. At the beginning I was a little skeptical, because it is not easy to convey the feeling of an escape room usually played live in its digital form, but I quickly changed my mind. This experience has been designed specifically for the shape it has and you can see, everything runs smoothly, better than live.
I personally like the theme, fortune tellers, runes and magic, but the really well done parts are:
- the puzzles, each leaves you with a sense of surprise that I love in this type of experience, when you manage to solve it you think "what a cool!";
- the master's guide who was able to expertly dose the suggestions, without being intrusive and without making us feel fools.
On these emotionally dancers days it was a breath of fresh air. Plus the prices are great! Check it out!

Jun 2020
Awesome online room

I really enjoyed this room! I’ve completed around 15 online rooms and this is one of the best so far!! Good story which is immersive and the story fits with the online version.
Great variety of puzzles and ways to solve them. Great host/character who plays the part well. I appreciate when the person doing the room online moves a bit quicker with a puzzle as I would have. Would highly recommend this room!

Jun 2020
What a caravan!

Who'd have thought a few months ago that we'd be playing an escape room in a caravan in Italy, from our home in Portugal! Great game, with really good puzzles.

Jun 2020
Awesome room!! - Review from a former game master from Trapped! Escape Room

Date played: 6/15/2020
I absolutely LOVED this room for so many reasons!! So overall, I'd rate it a 5/5!

THEME/DECOR: The theme was right up my alley, which is of course a personal bias. I won't say much to spoil it, but all things "fortune teller" are definitely in my wheel house because it's a hobby of mine! I thought the decor created the perfect ambience and went with the theme very well- it made it very immersive despite not being in the actual caravan! There were such cool things in there, I wish I could have been able to poke around myself. I'd rate the theme/decor a 5/5.

PUZZLES: My favorite part!!! In terms of "tech," I would say there isn't much mechanical/electronic stuff in there, but personally I felt that went well with the theme- it'd be weird to have fancy computer type tech in a fortune teller's trailer! There were VERY awesome elements for executing the puzzles, AND also very clever!! Personally, I am the type of person that is more impressed by the difficulty and creativity of the puzzles themselves, rather than the set or effects of the room, and these puzzles definitely met my standards! They were super creative and very well done, and for a small trailer setting, I felt there was tons of stuff to do. For me, I think this area was a 5/5!

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Paolo was such a great host and game master. As I mentioned, I live in California, and I believe the location for the room was in Italy, so we played the game at 9pm which meant Paolo was up and working around 6 or 7am! He was super friendly, polite, and patient with us frustrated Americans despite it being so early for him LOL (sorry about that!!)

The only frustrating part was because it is remote and we can't split up! This was my very first REMOTE/VIRTUAL room, so I had a small learning curve, and was therefore susceptible to more frustration. In person where everyone can spread apart, my max group number I like is 4 people, and there were four people in our group, and only one Paolo, so I would recommend doing this room with less people so that there aren't so many different directions people are trying to go in the room, but this is coming from someone who has experience with escape rooms and tends to be good at solving puzzles. Aside from that, I was SUPER IMPRESSED!!! <3

Thank you so much! I had a great time!
- Daphne :)

Jun 2020
Great Escape Room!

Great experience! Our host was great (thanks Mr. X!). The puzzles were interesting and clever!

Jun 2020

I played with two other people and it has been a great experience. Even before the game started we were completely immersed in the story thanks to the great game master who has been on theme all the time. Very nice setting and riddles. Time has flown and we finished the game a couple of minutes before time runs out. Highly recommend game!

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Reviews for The Search for the Magical Artifact
Highly Recommend!
Bruum Escape delivered a magical escape from lock-down for us with The Search for the Magical Artifact! We really loved our trip to Italy (at 1 am Italian time!) for this room, and we had a great time working through this room with our excellent Game Master! I highly recommend checking this one out, regardless of skill level, as there’s plenty to challenge all sorts. — read the full review from Escape Room Adventurer
Jun 2020
Not only was the game itself a fantastic online experience, I must also cordially and explicitly thank our game host/avatar Paolo for being such a trooper. — read the full review from Escape Mattster
An escape room at Bruum Escape Italy, but we played the remote version!
The ah-ha moments were excellent, and some of them were the type that make you think…. HOW did I not spot that earlier! — read the full review from Brit of an Escape habit
Jun 2020
Bruum Escape: The Search for the Magical Artifact (Play at Home)
This game is different, it has no bells and whistles like inventories, yet it still stands out as a special experience thanks to an excellent gamesmaster and a beautifully decorated space. — read the full review from Review The Room
Jun 2020
Hired by Mr. X to retrieve something very important
It's been a while since we've done a strong puzzle room. Even with our puzzle maker friends from Boxaroo, we only had a few minutes left on the clock to finish the mission (although we didn't use any clues!). — read the full review from ESCAPETHEROOMers