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Can You Escape? — The Pub: A Puzzle Psychopath’s Trap

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The Pub: A Puzzle Psychopath’s Trap

“Your friend is on a work trip in Malta. On the last night, he decides to head to the Pub. There’s no one except for your friend and a weird looking barman. Your friend orders a beer. As he takes the first sip, your friend realizes that the barman has also vanished. By the time your friend realizes there might be trouble, he finds a masked man pointing a gun at him. He locks him inside, stating he is a puzzle psychopath who has prepared a series of puzzles which need to be solved for him to escape. Before locking him in, he detonates a bomb which he says will explode in 60 minutes and which is impossible to diffuse. Your friend video calls you. You are his only hope. Guide him through The Pub and help him find the way out. Your 60 minutes start now!” — read more

A video call from a friend in need! Help them escape the psychopath's pub before the bomb explodes in this real life escape room playable via live video link.

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When can I play?

Can You Escape? operates in CET which is currently 1 hours ahead UTC

Sunday 11 am - 11 pm CET
Monday 2 pm - 11 pm CET
Tuesday 2 pm - 11 pm CET
Wednesday 2 pm - 11 pm CET
Thursday 2 pm - 11 pm CET
Friday 2 pm - 11 pm CET
Saturday 11 am - 11 pm CET

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Reviews for The Pub: A Puzzle Psychopath’s Trap

Mar 2021
ENJOYED this one!

We loved the way this game flowed so smoothly. Puzzles were logical and the host was great at keeping us on edge while being hilarious at instances. The puzzle flow worked really nicely and this was a truly enjoyable experience for us. Price really fair too! Recommend!

Great host!

great host, he was super into it with us and made it really enjoyable. Puzzles were good and the room overall was really fun.

Jan 2021
Well Organised Session!

A very good well organised virtual "Can you Escape?" session.

Helped me a lot to get a work together challenge for the team's virtual team building event.

My team is based across Europe and in these difficult times where traveling is not recommended this was a nice event to have fun all together away from the daily work routine.

We all enjoyed it a lot.

Thanks for the sessions. Will come back for sure

Dec 2020
Amazing experience

I 100% recommend it if you want your team to cooperate and come together to help the poor stuck person to escape ;).
Amazing host and riddles.

Dec 2020
Adrenaline Rush at it's best (especially at the end)

Due to the Covid-19 situation; my team-mates & I wanted to do a Team-Building Event and decided to try the Virtual Escape Room (The Pub) . We were not sure how it would be remotely; but I must say that it was still really Fun and very exciting (we managed to escape 😁). The whole experience was excellent with very fast and straight-forward booking.
I highly recommend any kind of groups to try this out virtually and don't let Covid-19 keep you back from doing Escape Rooms as it was still a very Good Experience .

May 2020
Great fun

This was just so much fun, a slightly unusual theme trying to escape from the bar where you/the host are being held captive. The puzzles fit really well into the theme. There is a lot to solve and we only just made it out in time. The game is done through Zoom but you receive photographs of the play area which helps orientate you and provides a quick way to glance around and see what items may need examining. The host played the character well and there was a real sense of urgency, especially as the game progressed. This would be a lot of fun to play in person but it also translated really well for remote play. Would highly recommend this. We played as a two.

May 2020
Great room

One of the best we have done - the host was great fun and offered subtle hints at just the right time.

The layout works brilliantly as it is (was!) familiar to so many of us and felt really natural and easy to navigate.

The room worked very well as a remote room with tweaks made to accommodate this.

We did it as a team of 6 with a fair bit of experience of remote rooms and all of us loved it.

I put this up there with Goldrush and Ready Mayor One as a cool and enjoyable room that will put a smile on your face.

Cheers !

May 2020

Wow, wow and Wow. Me and my partner have played quite a number of rooms around the globe, we were not so eager to try the live video ones, but hey thank god we gave them a shot as they are super fun. The pace is much slower than that of being in the room yourself, sometime you feel like yelling to the person, to run and hurry up haahaha. This was our 3rd live game, the ‘avatar’ seemed experienced, he knew exactly when to rush and when to slow down, he also pointed the camera at right direction when we were completely off track. We never actually asked him for help, at the time we felt lost, somehow he managed to get us there without saying anything. For us, that was the highlight of the whole experience, well that, and the fact that we had only 2 minutes left when were on our last puzzle! We definitely thought it was game over for us! When you think about it, the ‘avatar’ managed to time the game to get us to that point with not much time left but enough for us to make it out. Super Super Fun!

May 2020
Surprisingly amazing!

I have played all the rooms in real life at Can you Escape? And I was curious to see how they managed to set the Pub room in a Live Virtual game. Hats off to the guys, they never disappoint. I was amazed how they managed to get you in the story of the game immediately as the video call starts and I was impressed how they changed puzzles to make them suitable for this live game. Very well set and truly enjoyable. I actually enjoyed the live video experience better than the actual real Pub Game, might be because It was a different and unusual excitement. Fingers crossed they put on other live video game ❤. Would recommend.

May 2020
Great Fun!

I was afraid that I would not like an online escape room until I tried this one out. It’s a simple escape room with quite a number of puzzles which are very mind boggling. Nice décor and very cool storyline. The host was in character as soon as the camera switched on. The amazing part is that we are playing an escape room in Malta but from our own home in the U.K.

May 2020
Great fun escaping a bomb

We really enjoyed this escape room. It was our first virtual one but worked really well. Riccardo was in character all the time and managed to follow our instructions despite there being 8 of us talking! There are quite a few padlocks but there are different ways to get the codes so this wasn’t a problem. We rescued him in 52 minutes so there is enough to keep you busy. I’d recommend this online escape room.

May 2020
An unusual excitement 😁

This was fascinating. Commanding a person who is locked in a Pub with a ticking bomb was exciting. The person hosting was in character immediately. He made sure that we felt we are with him from the start. His deep breaths and runs in the final minutes made us get up from our chairs and jump on our toes, fearing we might not make it in time before the bomb explodes. We were 4 players and I would recommend you do this with more than 2 people, not because it’s not doable it’s just having more people is more exciting, especially when you’re close to the end!

May 2020
Exceeded my expectations! Truly Super Fun

This was my second virtual experience. This game exceeded my expectation in so many ways. It was thrilling, logical and one of the pros of this escape room vs the other is that I had my bearings of the room in the first minutes, as they have a way to show you the whole room in advance. You know exactly where everything is. Which was super! I was also amazed how the guy managed to get me on my toes right at the start of the game. Recommend!

May 2020
Above expectations - would definitely do this again!

What an absolute blast (though luckily not really as we managed to save our gamemaster with 9 minutes to spare before the bomb went off)! Did this for a friend's birthday and had several people join over zoom. Though we didn't know what to expect, this was definitely above any expectation. Lots of fun, great game master, excellent puzzles, and really well put together. Would definitely do this again and recommend it to friends!

Apr 2020
We managed to save the guy :)

The host did a great job of putting us straight into the story, never breaking character, and remaining real to the back story for the entire duration. We did feel at times like we were truly his last line of support in a life or death situation, and it was a huge relief to save him with only minutes to spare!

Apr 2020
Brilliant fun

Riccardo & Jeanice did a fantastic job in creating this live video experience! I had already done the real version of this escape room a few years back but was intrigued to try this out especially in these days locked at home. Having confirmed with them that the room was slightly tweaked, we didn’t need convincing to try this out! It was so much fun, I wish we still have to do it. Will definitely be looking for other such live video games after playing The Pub. Well Done to the organizers!

Apr 2020
Expectations exceeded!

When I saw their video promo I was intrigued but doubtful. We love escape rooms so we decided to give it a shot. Turned out to be all smooth, all worked and camera was perfectly fine, much better than expected. Worth the price and would recommend! Great job!

Apr 2020
Loved every minute!!!

AWESOME! I will be telling all my friends to try this out and would recommend to anyone. I would not have booked this had my friend not pushed me to try it, but I would definitely have missed out! It is not the real escape room, but hey, it doesn’t get any closer than this! Everything worked smoothly, and the gamemaster was great at his job! Loved it!

Apr 2020
A fun quarantined hour

This was FANTASTIC! The game was fair and logical – it all made sense and there were no logic-leaps. The game master was great at not giving anything away even though he obviously knew what the next steps were and kept to our pace at guiding him along, cautiously tipping us off once when we really got stuck… it still did not feel like he gave us a hint though! Good level of difficulty too. Would definitely recommend.

Apr 2020
A great time escaping the psycopath's pub

I actually played an early test of this game, one of the first times it was run as a live video escape room. So I was pleasantly surprised that it all worked perfectly. The game was fun, exciting, challenging (but not too challenging) and we were excited to escape with just a few minutes left on the clock.

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