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Can You Escape? — Santa's Hard Disk Broke!

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Santa's Hard Disk Broke!

“Santa's Hard Disk Broke and all parcel delivery addresses are inaccessible....just before delivery was actually meant to start! Immerse yourself in this digital, mind-boggling and thrilling adventure to recover the hard-disk files and save Christmas!” — read more

A completely digital game, hosted on Telescape. You can all be connected to the same game from different devices. If someone does something on his screen, the change will appear on everyone's screen and you can interact with different items simultaneously on different devices.

In this game, you will entering the desk in Santa's Office where you need to use elements from around the room to allow you to access his Hard Disk Recovery Software. This is an urgent matter, as not accessing the Hard Disk means the parcels won't be delivered in time for Christmas! This year has already been bad enough.... this cannot happen!

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When can I play?

Can You Escape? operates in CEST which is currently 2 hours ahead UTC

Sunday 11 am - 11 pm CEST
Monday 2 pm - 11 pm CEST
Tuesday 2 pm - 11 pm CEST
Wednesday 2 pm - 11 pm CEST
Thursday 2 pm - 11 pm CEST
Friday 2 pm - 11 pm CEST
Saturday 11 am - 11 pm CEST

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Reviews for Santa's Hard Disk Broke!

Jan 2021
Overall a really fun experience!!

A truly fun game... great evening with family... time well spent... highly recommend for family fun time ☺️

Jan 2021

Very interesting concept. We enjoyed a lot. Slightly difficult to pick up at first but really good!!

Jan 2021
Great virtual point and click room

Love this type of room, it's the closest to being in a real room with everyone able to look around on their own and collect clues. Still a need for strong communication and team work.
Great puzzles and narrative.
Highly recommend.

Dec 2020
Coolest game ever

This was a coolest game ever and cool puzzle and challenging puzzle in the game and coolest game ever when you can open the lock

Dec 2020

Easily the best online escape room we have done. Very clever, great tech, challenging but not impossible. Absolutely brilliant.

Fun game but some technical glitches

Really good puzzles, we enjoyed playing the game and would recommend, however.... we were disconnected from each other at some point during the game so we each had to type the commands in. we tried refreshing but that took us back a number of steps and we still weren't connected, we kept playing individually but talking then at some point we were reconnected but again it took us backwards several steps. THes techincal glitches made it a little frustrating but at least it was quick to catch back up again.

Dec 2020
Really great - everyone can do their own thing

Fantastic escape room - the tech meant we could split up and work on puzzles separately, rather than being tied to looking at the same thing on the screen (as other online rooms often have). The puzzles were all very clever, but once we'd figured out what to do it was simple to complete each puzzle. It was very creative with different sort of puzzles to play to different strengths.

Dec 2020
Christmas has been saved ;)

Hubby and I managed to do it in 1hr 56 mins..with 2 hints used. It kept us on edge... with the excitement of a real escape room! Great storyline and always ;) well done!

Dec 2020
Take that COVID

COVID tried to ruin our Team Christmas Party but this escape room brought us together. We had a lot of fun playing this as a Team Builder/Christmas Party at work. I would highly recommend this to others.

Dec 2020
Hard but extremely fun

Really enjoyed it. Took us 2 hours with just 2 hints used

Dec 2020
Great game that felt close to a real escape room- point and click

I'd definitely recommend this game. It was a bit difficult to understand how to type in results, so I think the instructions could use a little help, but other than that, this was a really fun, challenging and immersive game where you felt almost like you were in an escape room picking up packages and trying to piece things together.

Dec 2020
Really great game!

Really interesting and creative puzzles! Perfect fun game to enjoy from home.

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