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Crazy Doctor

“....rumor has it that Dr. Condor is conducting horrific experiments on his patients.... The worst nightmares come to life in his operation room.....” — read more

Your friend, Anna had some symptoms of COVID-19, so she made an appointment with her doctor, Dr. Condor. She went to her appointment to his private practice, but you haven’t heard from her since.

You find it suspicious and you decide to look for more information about her visit. As it turns out, your friend Anna isn’t the only one who went missing after her visit… In fact, rumor has it that Dr. Condor is conducting horrific experiments on his patients…

You have decided that someone should visit this doctor. It needs to be found out whether these rumors are true and you have to find Anna! One of your friends has made an appointment already and will secretly smuggle a camera in, so you can help her during this exciting investigation. Can you find Anna?

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Reviews for Crazy Doctor

May 2020
Great remote experience

Don’t let lockdown and social distancing get in the way. The set up for this game was awesome allowing you to play from anywhere in the world. The actor was brilliant, not only being extremely responsive to our commands but bringing the game to life through their reactions.
A great way to socialise remotely with friends. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

May 2020
So much fun!

We really enjoyed playing Crazy Doctor! The clues were clever, it was suitably challenging but not too hard, and our host was amazing! I’d definitely recommend it. Be prepared to see some blood though.. :)

May 2020
Anna is free!

We've tried the online version from Budapest, Hungary. Really fun experience as a team building in quarantine. I'd go back to Dr. Condor again ;)

May 2020
Fun and engaging game!!!

My wife and I played this game virtually and had a great time!! We've played over 25 virtual and 300 in person games, and were very engaged and having fun! The virtual support and in game tech were great. Our gamemaster (Laura) was friendly, supportive, and fun!! And a really great sport for going into those scary places! :))

May 2020
cool game, fun twists

Played the Crazy Doc with friends and the KGB room with the office. Nice decoration, solid game and nice game-flow. Recommended :)

May 2020
Great experience

We have quite some experience with escaperooms but never before did we experience something like this.
The whole experience was great! We could follow the person inside the escaperoom and tell her what to do and got to look through her eyes.
It was as if we were in the escaperoom ourselves.
I normally would be to scared to play this kind of creepy escaperoom, but this way I got to play it from our couch. I loved every bit of it.

May 2020

During the entire game I was thrilled, excited and actually on the edge of my seat. The effects were awesome, the host was a very good actress and the puzzles within the story just made sense. I would definitely recommend this room to others

May 2020
Cool tech and amazing acting :)

If you wanna play an exciting thriller story set in a hospital operation room, try this. Great actor, clever puzzles and thrilling effects.

May 2020
Thrilling and exciting

The theme was scary but fun, the host was great and was really in the theme of the escape room. The puzzles were very immersive and clever. Would highly recommend it :D

May 2020
Very interesting plot and cool storyline

We played their 2 rooms with a group of friends. I really liked the twist with the live action that is mixed with the tasks you need to do to move from one point to another. Not easy to add the live action feeling from a distance, but i think they quite nailed it. Cool game, fully recommended!

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