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“You and your teammates are CIA spies on a mission to infiltrate a secret KGB hideout and steal some confidential documents.” — read more

Imagine, that you are in the year 1962….You and your team are undercover CIA agents on a mission in the Soviet Union. You are looking for documents to prove the KGB is keeping secret information from the world.

One of your fellow agents got caught and she is captured in the headquarters of the KGB. Fortunately, she has her spy equipment and she is  calling for help. You need to help her to escape from the grasp of the KGB and hopefully you can complete your mission as well!

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Reviews for KGB

Dec 2020
Als groep prima ondersteund door de live host en veel plezier beleefd aan de KGB Escaperoom game.

De Virtual Escaperpoom game is een geweldige uitvinding om ook in tijden van Corona toch aan teambuilding te kunnen doen!

Jun 2020
Had a lot of fun playing. Puzzles were great. Good times.

We enjoyed playing a lot. They made great use of the atmosphere and it felt like we were in a actual KGB bunker. The puzzles were very nicely done. A lot of them were very much in theme as well. We always appreciate this.

We played with 4 devices. The game is very lineair so one thing let to another. Which is totally fine in a live video escaperoom like that from Amaze Escape Events.

They have a system where you get code words to see or hear things better than via the video feed. Which was very helpful. This can be a bit more in theme, but was very helpful to use for some of the puzzles.

We enjoyed the role of the game master. As we told them afterwards, we love a bit of overacting. To really getthat tension across. We really want to feel the tension as a prisoner through the game master.

Recommended to play.

May 2020
KGB Spy for a day, what an eperience

Incredibly creative and well themed escape room. You can be a KGB spy and have an unforgettable experience while playing this game with your friends. The theme is very unique and surely can't find it anywhere else. You need to experience it, period.

May 2020
Immersive puzzles, linked to the storyline, a great host and beautiful layout of the room!

This was amazing! Super happy that our office organized this creative and innovative team building for us! It was great to finally do something fun with the team. For a moment you really forget that you are in front of a computer, and it feels like you are really in the game! Super excited to play teh other room they have, already booked to play with my family back home!

May 2020

Exciting, twisting game! Away from each other, yet it was good to play together! (Hungary, Switzerland, the Netherlands)

May 2020
Good and unique puzzles!

Super cool room! Good and unique puzzles, Great host and fair price! I think I would have enjoyed this room so much in real live!!! Recommend!

May 2020
Insane experience!

From start till end we enjoyed our KGB experience so much! The puzzles are really good and fit well within the russian theme. It's hard enough for the escape room fanatics, but also with a little help from the actor recommended for the less experienced teams!

May 2020
virtual teambuilding with the office

Did the game as a remote teambuilding with our office. Was surprisingly fun and challenging and a good way to forget about the home office for a bit :) The video call works really well and it was quite easy to navigate through the room.

May 2020

I was a bit sceptical about live video escape rooms at first but this room took away all my doubts. The KGB was very fun and exciting to play! The host was nice, the acting was good and the vibe in the room was great. It felt like a really advanced way to play an escape room online and I enjoyed every minute of it.

May 2020
Epic experience, want more!

The host was great, the game was exciting and the puzzles were challenging but fun! :) had a great experience overall and would definitely want to try more!

May 2020
Very nice experience!

We played this room with some colleagues. I loved the setup of the room, it takes you directly to a different time and place. Host is perfect, camera work also good! Of course the experience is more different than being physically there, it does bring the thrill and excitement to help escape your buddy :-) Will definitely play the other room too!

May 2020
Hele toffe kamer!

Ik ken Amaze ondertussen al ruim 2 jaar, en heb bij hun “the crazy doctor” fysiek gespeeld. Vorige week heb ik hun “KGB” kamer online mogen spelen. Beide kamers zijn heel goed in elkaar gezet. De online verbinding was super, en er is vooraf nagedacht over hoe er bij spellen het best omgegaan kan worden. Ondanks dat het een online kamer is heb je wel het gevoel alsof je midden in de kamer staat. Als je een online escape room wil proberen is dit het zeker waard!

May 2020
Nice authentic vibe and immersive game

We played their rooms with our friends. The host guy was very funny and acted his role quite nicely. I liked the eastern european, realistic vibe of the room. If you like this topic, than you will like the room. We played this room for a price of a movie ticket - where we can also not go, so i think totally worth it. Try it and see.

Reviews on other sites

Reviews for KGB
May 2020
Russian/Cold War spy theme... An oldie but a goodie
If your team is composed of mostly beginners, more brains may be advantageous. — read the full review from Escape Mattster
May 2020
Amaze Escape Events - "KGB"
The dim lighting, usage of flash light and the avatar's ability to move in stealth mode all contributed to the immersive experience of this game. Good thing the game designer didn't add much searching to the room as it would've been difficult with the lighting situation. — read the full review from ESCAPETHEROOMers
KGB - Amaze Escape
One word summary: FUN! This was definitely one of the more challenging rooms that I have done (mostly because of one puzzle that really was not in my wheelhouse) — read the full review from I Virtually Escaped

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