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Escape2Win — Mad World Digital Escape Room

€9.99 Per game

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Mad World Digital Escape Room

“Rainbow the unicorn is lost between worlds, can you help him solve the puzzles and riddles in order to get back to planet MAD?” — read more

  • Ages 10+ - Enjoyable for the whole family
  • Difficulty: Easy - Great for new escape room players and kids
  • Play When you want - Buy now, play when you want. After payment you have 7 days to play the game
  • Inventory System - All players can see each others cursor, so you can all help each other solve the puzzles
  • Unlimited time - There is no time limit, however the game play is +/- 1h. 
  • Enjoy :) but once started you have 48h to finish. 
  • Hint System - stuck? ask for a hint - it's a mouse click away.
  • upto 6 devices -  You can play with your friends online thanks to a collaborative inventory system
  • Real escape room - Based on a real escape room

Opening hours

When can I play?

Escape2Win operates in WEST which is currently 1 hours ahead UTC

Sunday 3 pm - 2:30 am WEST
Monday 3 pm - 2:30 am WEST
Tuesday 3 pm - 2:30 am WEST
Wednesday 3 pm - 2:30 am WEST
Thursday 3 pm - 2:30 am WEST
Friday 3 pm - 2:30 am WEST
Saturday 3 pm - 2:30 am WEST

Check the booking page for available time slots.


Reviews for Mad World Digital Escape Room

Feb 2021
Super cool game!

I played Madworld and had a ton of fun. The crazy unicorn theme made me laugh and i enjoyed the puzzles and the game overall.

I was stuck at one point, (entirely my fault, just didn't find what was right there under my nose), so I reached out to David and he helped me out instantly.

Give it a try!

Aug 2020
Tons of fun

Great online escape room. Had tons of fun and found it family friendly. Would recommend to any one

Aug 2020
Fun to play with the family

Good way to spend a little time on a Saturday morning, thank you! Enjoyed the videos throughout. Gave us a laugh. Thank you! Puzzles were just right for us Escape Room newbies. We will be on the look out for more video escape rooms now. (Side note: Tried to play with friend in Kazakhstan but she wasn't able to open the link. I opened in US and we used Zoom screen share instead. )

Aug 2020
We saved Rainbow...

and had great fun doing so! Possibly the cheapest way to experience an actual existing escape room, so give it a go!

Aug 2020
So much fun!

This is a silly, creative, cool game that will make you laugh for sore.
The puzzles have a nice flow and are simple enough for everyone to join.

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May 2020
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This was probably the largest remote game we've seen in terms of the area it covered. We were sort of glad we didn't have to play this one in person since it would've been a lot of running back and forth. Of course we had an amazing avatar who did all the work for us. There weren't a ton of puzzles and they were all[...] — read the full review from ESCAPETHEROOMers
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