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Escape2Win — Kidnap

€60.00 Per game

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“There is an outbreak of kidnaps in the city of Lisbon. You are at home, in your life, when you receive an anonymous call. Someone has been kidnapped, do not know where they are, and needs your help to escape. You deduce that it's one of the victims of the infamous kidnapper. But how can you help? Will you help to escape in time or will you be a front-row assistant in another hideous crime?” — read more

Can be played in English or Portuguese.
  • Gather your Team. 
  • Once booked, you will receive an email with all the instructions. 
  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection and Zoom. 
  • Make sure you are all online at the time of your appointment and that you have tested the sound.
  • The Game Master has been kidnapped, he needs your help. You only have 60m.

If you would like a booking outside of our normal working hours please contact us! 

Opening hours

When can I play?

Escape2Win operates in WET

Sunday 3 pm - 2:30 am WET
Monday 3 pm - 2:30 am WET
Tuesday 3 pm - 2:30 am WET
Wednesday 3 pm - 2:30 am WET
Thursday 3 pm - 2:30 am WET
Friday 3 pm - 2:30 am WET
Saturday 3 pm - 2:30 am WET

Check the booking page for available time slots.


Reviews for Kidnap

Aug 2020
Great escape room

The host was in character from start to finish and a great mix of puzzles and it was creepy but not over the top.

May 2020
Perfect game for this format!

This is quite a simple game (tech wise), but just works so well in this format. The host gets you into the story immediately and there's a nice mix of puzzles.

May 2020
Very good game

Liked it very much, great GM and puzzles. very entertaining.

Jun 2020
Great fun

One of the best escape rooms that we have done as a family.... Perfect for a virtual team get together and certainly gets the brain working. Excellent host, who acts out the scenario very well. Highly recommended.

Jun 2020
Fun, Immersive, Challenging!

This was such a great room and made you really work your brain muscles to figure it out. The host was always in character and made it realistic. Coming from the Bahamas, we have done MANY escape rooms (Physically & Virtually) in Florida, but this was one of the most immersive and challenging rooms that we would have completed. Can't wait until you unleash your other rooms!

May 2020
Great fun

This was just so well done.... the host is in character from the moment you ‘meet’ and it gets off to a flying start - the way this is done ties in perfectly to the theme/story. There is so much to do and explore and a real sense of urgency. Creepy atmosphere but not too scary. This really was great fun overall

May 2020
just creepy enough.

very good game, a little creepy but not over the top. puzzles are clever and varied. there is alot to explore :)

May 2020
Great fun

Tried today with friends and we had a great time.
Absorbing, challenging and lots of fun.

May 2020
Muito bom!

Brutal! Um dos melhores que já joguei !

May 2020
Great game

Congratulations to this game, it’s amazing.
I recomended to all family play.
Thank you
Rui Padinha

May 2020
Great game and fun time

Loved it!! Great game, and not just during a lockdown. It is a fun game that tests your brain and your communication skills. I would recommend It!!

May 2020
Kidnap 👌

Having played all Escape2Win games already, we came back (online) to play the kidnap and the game was as much fun as the others. Thank you to the GM that helped us when we were complicating 😜
We are waiting for new ones, virtual or physical.

May 2020
Great game

It was a great immersive game with a good diversity of puzzles.

May 2020
Great game!

A super immersive game where you find yourself anxious about the next steps. Best gamemaster you could have too, with perfect communication between players and GM. Thank you, Silvia! totally recommended!

May 2020
Fun, creative and exciting!!!

Uma grande e excitante experiência. Super envolvente, super divertida! A GM foi absolutamente fantástica, simpática e prestável!! Puzzles muito bons e lógicos! Foi uma experiência incrível e interessante!! Muito Obrigada!!!

A big and exciting experience, from beginning to end! Super immersive, super fun!! The host/Gm was amazing, very entertaining!! The puzzles were very clever and logic!! It was an interesting experience!! Thank you so much!

May 2020
Great experience/Óptima experiência

The game was really fun and the game-master was awesome. She helped us throughout the game without beeing obvious. I highly recommend!

O jogo foi muito divertido e a game-master foi espetacular. Ajudou-nos através do jogo, sempre dentro da personagem e sem ser demasiado óbvia a dar pistas! Recomento vivamente a grupos de amigos/família/etc.

May 2020
Great Experience in Lisbon!

Me and my group of 5 have just played the Kidnap Game from Escape 2 win and it was a treat! Exciting, because Silvia was kidnaped and was very afraid so we had to help her and try to stay calm ourselves, which is the hardest. All of the puzzles have logic but they are not easy at all, you just have to look better and not panic. I have played a different one with just my wife and having a group with you just makes it harder but definetly more fun! Overall an amazing experience which I recommend definetly!

May 2020
Very good

This was a very good experience, imersive with very good ideias and puzzle.
I hope they open more games!

May 2020
Immersive and fun

Very cool game, with a creepy tone and a host that get you in the scene from the first moment.
Totally worth it!

Reviews on other sites

Reviews for Kidnap
May 2020
Escape2Win - "Kidnap"
This was probably the largest remote game we've seen in terms of the area it covered. We were sort of glad we didn't have to play this one in person since it would've been a lot of running back and forth. Of course we had an amazing avatar who did all the work for us. There weren't a ton of puzzles and they were all[...] — read the full review from ESCAPETHEROOMers

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